Thursday, January 1, 2015


It started with a sign.
My sign. The hawk. I see him anytime I'm supposed to really think about something. Contemplate. Observe.  Call me weird, kooky, what you will but the sighting of the hawk never fails to make me think. Question. Stop me in my tracks and cause me to review my path and the coulda, shoulda, wouldas of life. It's always my initial sign of a crossroads approaching. As is typically the case, doubt sets in.
Doubt is not an unfamiliar companion. It makes me drag my feet until possibility passes. Not missed. Passes. The call came that the possibility of a move had passed.
I breathed a mixed feeling sigh of relief. Another time perhaps. No change for now. 

A year passed. 
Then another call came. The possibility had reemerged and my familiar companion, doubt, did too. Questioning. Contemplation. I needed another sign. It came. Snow.  Doubt's voice was quieted and the preparations were made.  

Then in the eleventh hour my constant companion- doubt, poked it's head again. Questioning me and niggling at me. Immediately another sign was delivered. A tree. And again, doubt's voice was silenced.
It has been a year of change and challenges but one truth remains. If I look to the earth, I will always receive what I need to squelch doubt and her counterpart-fear.
Ask for guidance and you too will receive your signs.

Happy New Year!