Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Ever have this happen to you? You're walking, driving, sitting... any number of casual actions and for some odd reason you look up and lock eyes with someone. The motion is ever so instantaneous. Ever so subtle. Ever so penetrating. In that very moment volumes of nothingness are spoken. In that instant a bridge has been created between the chasm of your life and that of another soul. You never speak. The instantaneous motion is so unnerving  that conscience takes over and forces each of you to look away. One pair of eyes looks away and feigns its actual focus on another object altogether. What does this say about us? For some reason some connection was made. As if to say, "I know you somehow." The distraction in its entirety seems to say as well, " Not now." Is it karmic? Did you know each other on some other plane? Or are we just too caught up in our day to day mindedness to make conscious connections anymore? Is it altogether unrealistic or perhaps embarrassing to suppose that our souls seek to make connections that the callous-opaque curtain of life keeps us from it. Ever have that happen to you?

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