Monday, April 2, 2012

The Boy WIth the Dancing Eyebrows

He came in with a huge grin on his little face exclaiming," I got you something for Easter. My grandma and me went to the store and got you something." Then he shrugged, skittered over to his desk and sat down. That was that.
The day the gift arrived was the day before Spring Break.It had been a week of testing and exam taking and I was feeling horrible, running a fever, running on little sleep and fighting the urge to cough up half a lung because as many women who have had children can attest to, when you cough that hard you don't just squirt from your nose. Nope, you squirt from every orafice on your body even your pores. And too,I just know the child that threw up three times on his desk that week gave me what he had. Anyway, that morning after walking them to class, he eagerly shoves the package into my hand and struts over to his desk. He doesn't wait for me to open it. No, he prefers to watch from the sidelines. As I work my way through the enthusiastic mob under me wanting to know, "What is it? What is it?" I sigh, get up enough energy to squeek out "calm down!". I wasn't in any mood to open any gifts. I just wanted my bed and quiet. "Why did I have to get up this morning? Why did I choose this profession? and Lord just help me get through today". That's what was going through my mind.
Across the room I caught the huge grin on his face. His eyebrows were doing this little dance. I could tell he was having a hard time containing his enthusiasm. That look was elixer to my soul. I pulled the tissue out of the bag to reveal a small stuffed bunny holding an egg with the words Happy Easter stitched on it.  I hugged that bunny and by this time he had made his way over to the crowd around me. Still on the outskirts he awaited the opening of the card. I gingerly tore open the flap knowing full-well that each second I hesitated was pure torture to the puppies around me.. As I began opening the card he couldn't contain it any longer. " It plays music teacher!" And it did. He had written something on the card but must have thought twice about it and erased it. "Don't you want to sign it so I know who gave it to me?" I asked.  He shook his head no. "That's okay", I said, " From this day on whenever I hear that Easter song I will always think of you." And I do think of him any time I hear it, "In your Easter Bonnet...". Thank you Miguel for reminding me of why I do what I do.
    The Lesson
All too often we go through life trying to complete a series of tasks in hopes of checking off another box on our endless agenda. Our agenda should be to fulfill our hopes, dreams and desires and bring joy to those we care and love. Seize those opportunities to make people you care about happy at the time you think about it. Like a child who stops and picks a flower on his or her way to school and gives it to his teacher, so should we give from our hearts at the very instant we think of someone.
Happy Easter All!

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