Saturday, August 25, 2012

Teacher's TeachingApron

Teacher's Teaching Apron



This is great for a Ticket to Leave!

 Place goodies in the pockets ask questions of the students and if they get it right they choose from the pocket. It can also be used for behavior incentives. Let your imagination soar.
How I made it.

Apron-purchased from a craft store
10 squares of felt
puffy paints
hot glue

1. Measure your apron and decide where you want to place your felt pockets.
2. Hot glue pockets to the apron. Make sure you leave on side open.
3. With puff paint write 1-10 on each pocket.
4. Let it dry

How to use:

Choose the goodies you would like to place in the pockets. I'm starting with wrapped candy.
Initially I will be using it for Math. I will point out numbers and ask the students to answer what the sum is . If they get it right they can choose a treat from any pocket. I may modify the apron as we go along by adding dots. I'm not sure about that yet as I want to use it for ELA too.

Have Fun!


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