Sunday, September 9, 2012

Did you get that off the internet?

Tell the people you love them at least times a day

As I was researching on the fabulous vehicle of mass communication; the internet, I stood up to take a break and said to my daughter, " I love you." She, engrossed in her t.v. show and chomping away at her carrots replied, "What did you say mom?" " I said, I love you, you should tell people you love them at least 3 times a day." " Did you get that from the internet Mom?" " No", I replied, " I got it from my own head and heart, you should really tell people you love them at least three times a day."
This got me to thinking, with all the wonderful tools of communication out there, is our own inner voice being drowned out? Are we too caught up in getting ideas and inspiration from other sources that we forget that the true source for helping us through our journey is still within ourselves? Take a break people and remember to listen to that voice. If you are having trouble hearing it, it will come as a whisper. It will be an impulse. It will come from seemingly nowhere. It isn't coming from nowhere. It is coming from the most wonderful communication tool ever created. It is your heart and soul. Listen to it.


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