Monday, September 10, 2012

Wild Rumpussing and Eliciting Creativity in Kiddos

Wild Things
Children are naturally creative. Put a piece of paper and some watercolors in front of the noisiest-rowdiest kidlet and what immerges from deep inside them
 will astound you! 
I promise. 
How I do it...
1. I find a really great story with vibrant characters, wonderful inspiring illustrations and a solid message I want to convey to my students.
2. I find all the books I can that center around that particular theme.
3. I choose a medium I want them to work with that year.
4. I find music that will get them moving or calm them down and really get those creative brain waves going.
5. I start sloooowwwllllyyyy and give explicit instructions. I'll write about the entire step process in another blog. Stay tuned.
6. I don't worry about the end product.
7. I don't fret about the messes.
8. I try to get the most bang for my buck by linking everything to more than one curriculum area. I think about this a lot and I plan it out, a lot.
9.  I have them start small, sometimes this small may look ginormous to an outsider but it's all about getting used to the medium.
10.   I always try to remember that if everyone isn't having fun with learning or is afraid to take a risk, we re-evaluate, reassure and move on together.

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