Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Buddies Forever: Helping Create a Positive School Environment

Rockstars/Mentors?? It's all the same!


     Picture this.
     You're walking down the hall. You're kidlets are quiet and all you hear is the shuffling of their little feet. You feel victorious because you think (think...) they've finally learned how to walk in the halls. When suddenly, a group of rock stars approach them from the opposite end of the hall and all of your hard work goes up in smoke!
But, it's okay!
     Because... the rock stars are 6th grade girls and boys. They know the names of these little kids. They smile at them. They ask them how they're doing. They give them high fives and tell them to do their best and that they look forward to seeing them at the end of the week. And finally, as they pass them they give them the universal Ssssh! signal and that helps you out too!
     So if you can picture that, I encourage you to find a rock star teacher in your school that you would like to collaborate with. Discuss what you're learning about and how you can support each other. Set up a time to have your classes meet and start creating a school environment where all kiddos and teachers have a vested interest in their school community. Because really, aren't they all "our" students??
   So whattaya waiting for???

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