Saturday, October 27, 2012

Cluck, Cluck, Cluck! We Love Minerva Louise! Part 2 Comprehension

Minerva Louise...We Love You!!!
Retelling-Rewriting...Getting it all on paper!
We took some newprint, folded it in half (hot-dog style) illustrated, labeled on the outer flap and rewrote on the inside.
(That was one... and I just realized I didn't take any photos of the inside...snore...)
See how she's starting out at the farm!
Not much is happening...she's getting set to go explore.
 (I love kid writing...and why isn't farm spelled f-o-m???)

Sometimes we like to add ourselves to the retelling. Well, why not? If the story's good enough shouldn't it make you feel like you were there??
( Which story makes you feel like you were right there? hmmm...)
And there she goes...back to the henhouse with a whole bunch of decorating ideas floating around in her head!
(I can relate...can you say... Pinterest!)
But, wait!
We're not done until we've added artwork!
(It isn't complete without that!)
The Example
This is all I show them!
I give them all the materials and let them create!
I am always amazed at how resourceful the kiddos can be. They help each other, they problem solve, they have great conversations and they figure it all out together!
How'd she do that?



The Completed Projects!
(Well some of 'em...All their very own!)
I hope this inspires you to invite a chicken into your classroom (or any animal for that matter) and get your kidlets excited about reading and writing!
(and yes...of course we did The Chicken Dance! Just in case you were wondering!)

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