Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Get a Looooong Mad Out! What We Can Learn About Destressing From A Kiddo

My mornings are fabulous!
Each and every morning I am awakened by the sound of birds chirping. As I leisurely stretch and reach for my slippers, my coffee is brought to me on a platter set alongside a plate of freshly baked scones and flowers from my garden.
 (Can you hear the birds??
 Okay, back to reality!
Don't I wish that were just a smidge true. But I'm sure like yours, my mornings  more closely resemble a scene out of some screwball reality show than not!
(and why haven't I been called up to star in one? Oh yeah, I don't want to wear makeup all the time!)
 The alarm clock screams! The blankets immediately wrap themselves around me and hold me down.
(They grow arms you know!)
As I struggle and finally tear myself from the tangled mess I curse at the screaming clock!
( I curse in my mind of course... "Til tomorrow my evil nemesis!)
That's when I stumble into the bathroom greeted by the soothing yowl from a cat that cannot will not realize that the sink is not her personal drinking fountain!
Meeeow! Meeeow! Meeeeow!
That's how my mornings usually start and more often than not, time races by so rapidly I can barely catch my breath!
(pant! pant! pant!)
I know my mornings mirror those of gazillions of parents out there. And, I also know that it's morning like those that make you just want to pull your hair out, throw your body on the ground, kick, scream and throw a tantrum just like a toddler that doesn't get their way!
(hmmm...maybe I do, do that...maybe silently in my own room...I'll never tell! )
So why am I saying all this? Well here's why. On occasions like these, when I am scurrying around trying to catch my breath, when I am blasting through my morning, when I just want to give up, I catch my own kiddo looking so incredibly at peace and she teaches me a lesson.      
"Mom, when I create, I get a looooong mad out."
And...with those 10 words I learn that at some point in the day not only do I have to do that for me but also for my students. That along with all the "stuff" I have to teach that day that I have to infuse some creative outlet for them. It may be in the form of some spontaneous dancing, singing, coloring, writing, whatever, but I have to do it because being creative is the best way to let it all out and everyone, I don't care who you are, what you do,or where you come from, we all need to do it!
So if you don't think you're very creative, I have a suggestion from the experts of destressing, my students.
"Go to the store and buy a coloring book and some crayons and color a picture for someone you love!"
So, whattya waiting for??

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