Sunday, October 28, 2012

Teacher-Moms Don't Make Mistakes...It's All Just a Test!

The Initial Inspiration...
 I'm sitting in my classroom working on some thing or another, when I hear my good buddy-neighbor yell out, "Hey, how do you spell 90?" "N-i-n-e-t-y!", I yell back.
"Are you sure? It doesn't look right!" 
 "Yep, I'm sure!
 (She didn't see that I had to write it out to be sure.)
 I walk into her classroom and ask, "Whatcha working on?"
 " A chart for Math tomorrow", she says. 
 (I giggle.) 
 "Hey, n-i-n-e-t-y," I say pointing to the word.
 "Aaah@#$*!!! That's the third time I've made that chart! Dang-it!
"You want the Boo-boo tape?", I ask. "Nah, forget it!" she says as she squeezes the e in.
 (We laugh)
Fast Forward...
 I walk into another good-buddy's classroom and she points to her recently re-wallpapered focus wall. "Look-it!", she says proudly. Then she points to her chart. "Do you notice anything odd?" I have to read it again.
 (I giggle)
 "Yeah...I didn't notice my mistake until I heard two of my students giggling hysterically this morning. I ask them what they were laughing so much about and that's when they point out the fact that I wrote Rainbox! Ugh! Do you know how many times I rewrote that chart?? Of course I told them I did it on purpose just to see if they were really using the chart!"
(We giggle)
Forward to this week...
I go into my good-buddy's classroom.
 (I know what your thinking..."this woman likes to visit!...what can I say I like to get out!)
 She starts sharing how she is really enjoying teaching a new method. She loves how quickly the kiddos are responding and how they are truly engaged. She shares her charts.
(Yep! I start to giggle)
 And she knows exactly what she did. "Darn-it! Do you know how many times I rewrote that chart??" "Let me get the Boo-boo tape!",I say. "Forget it! I can't believe those kids didn't catch it!"
The lesson...
We do this outside of the classroom too.
Who can relate to sitting in a car full of kids. You drive up to the drive-thru. You order. You get distracted telling kids to get quiet. You pay. You drive away without your order. your kiddos begin to giggle you say,"Hey, didn't you hear the guy say that we had to wait for our order out here 'cuz they're making fresh fries?" They look at you, not completely sure if you're telling the truth.
 (What they don't know won't hurt 'em!)
 It happens to all of us! Not just teachers. It's those little moments where your head is filled with so much "stuff" that life hands you the Boo-boo tape and you get to do it over again! You don't have to get mad. This is the time to sit back, seize the opportunity and laugh at this crazy "stuff" filled adventure called life!
And remember most of all...
Nothing is a mistake! It's all a test to see if you're paying attention!
That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!

I had to share my chart... it now resides somewhere else...'cuz I made a mistake was trying to see if my students were paying attention!

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