Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Lost Art of Letter Writing: Candy Corn Kernels of Inspiration!

   The cost of a stamp in                                      The cost of  a massage in

                           1992                                                                                         1988 


The cost for the inspiration, the joy and the memory it gave me...well, you all know the answer to that one!
Like the heading of my blog says, I get my inspiration from all sources. This week I got two kernels of inspiration from two totally unrelated events and like most wonderful surprises, they were awesome! 
The first kernel came on Friday. My classroom neighbor and good friend came over in giggles as she shared letters she had received from former students. Anyone who has ever received a note from a former student loves them. They make you giggle and feel like the best teacher in the world. It's very gratifying to see how they've grown and remember you. Who doesn't like validation like that!
The second kernel came today as I was helping my youngest clean her cave.
(Kernel...? I think I'm on a candy corn kick right this minute! anyhoo...)
I overheard her reading something I assumed was an old Tooth Fairy letter until I heard, "She wants $60! Man, she wants a lot!" Well, I immediately knew that the author of that letter wasn't her greedy big sister but rather my greedy youngest brother David!
Now 27, that letter was written to me over 20 years ago while I was living almost a full state away, married and going to college.
( Yeah, we marry early and are child prodigies in my family 'cuz I was only 10 then... yeah... that's it...)
Not only did that letter bring back the bittersweet memory of leaving that sweet kiddo at 3 to go off to college, but also the pestering I got until I paid up at his high school graduation! 
("I want my three dollars!" name that movie...) 
Looking at that letter got me thinking. I have to get my kiddos writing more letters because I cherish those little notes my own daughters write to me. I cherish the card written by my dearly departed Nana. I cherish the hilarious letters written by my buddy Heidi and I definitely cherish the letters and cards written on pages cut out of spiral notebooks  in the made up language of my kiddos. If I don't teach them and give them the opportunity now, one day someone they love or they themselves may not have those everlasting memories!
So with that, next week I will bring back that 'ol letter writing center. I will give them time to compose little stories to whomever they want and I will bring back the lost art of letter writing. It isn't lost anymore! I hope you join me.



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  1. I'm glad an old letter could inspire you today :) love you sis!