Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We Call It Kitchen Science! Some Call It States of Matter

How do you get kids excited about Science?? Well you let them explore I say!

We are lucky enough at my school to have yummy nutritious snacks delivered daily through two different sources. Well, some of it isn't always the yummiest. For some odd reason broccoli and sweet potatoes aren't the most popular...hmmm.... gee, what a mystery!(Yes, that would be sarcasm...I apologize to all jicama and sweet potato lovers out there!) The way I've finally gotten my kiddos to try something new is to play with it. Linking it to what they are already learning, writing about it and letting them make connections... Well, it's learning fun in a box!

So, get dirty, get noisy, get those inquiring minds working and play with your food! We call it 


This is how I do it:
1. Start with your standards: We're working on Properties of Matter
2. Frontload the Five Senses: Kiddos may not know the vocabulary and I always assume they don't. So we do a mini-unit on them.
and our Test Object/Subject
4. We look at it

5. We take it apart
6. We smoosh it

7. We record our findings


 And all this time we are learning!
Yes, it's noisy, it's messy, it's busy, but, can I tell you something??
The kiddos make connections, they discuss their discoveries, they write about what they are learning, and ssshhh... don't tell any one... but they're having fun too!!

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