Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Are You a Sweet or a Sour?

"He's sweet, she's sour!"
I get lost if I don't print out directions to a new destination. I don't get lost because I don't know my destination. I get lost because I get distracted by comments being shouted out from the back seat of my car.
"Moooooom she's touching me!"
"Mooooooom I'm hungry!"
"Moooooooom can I hang my head out the window and screeeam?"
Yepper, sometimes it's a regular fun-fest! Yesterday was no exception. I didn't find the destination,oh well, but I did learn something. Let me 'splain.
As I was trying really hard to concentrate on maneuvering through holiday traffic,ticking away at my mental list of things I needed to get at the grocery store, I look out the passenger side window and I notice that the man in the next car is smiling and waving. I try to avert my eyes because I don't recognize him. Yikes!
 (I'm shy remember...)
The light turns green and I press the accelerator just a little bit harder than usual. Then, of course, I come to another light.
(Gotta love that holiday traffic!) 
"Aaaah, she's sour. That's too bad." That comment uttered from the back seat of my car forces me to put the mental list down and truly listen and look around me. My girls were playing a game I'm sure many of us have played in the car to pass the time.
(Anyone up for a game of Slug Bug?)
They call it Sweet and Sour. The object of the game is to catch the attention of any passer-by. On foot or on wheels, anyone is fair game, and they wave, smile and say hello. If the person smiles,waves, or acknowledges them in a positive way they call them a Sweet. Extra points if you get a laugh! If, of course, you avert your eyes (like I did) or you give a growly face (like I often do at the end of a franatic day) You are called a Sour.
As they continue to play this game, I try to catch a glimpse of how the faces of people change. Some initially look pensive and stressed then suddenly I see them soften and relax. Some, unfortunately, tighten up further and either glare at them or roll their eyes and turn away. It strikes me as odd that people are afraid to say hello anymore. I wonder to myself why we have become so closed off and cynical that we cannot take the time to greet one another on the street, in the store, anywhere really.
The Lesson

Times are hectic enough, a little laughter and a smile go a long way and good manners don't cost you a thing and really, if a child smiles at you, you really should smile back.
So, whattaya waiting for? Go out and count up as many Sweet points as you possibly can today!

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