Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Discipline Momma Style:Letting Kiddos See the Real You

Have you ever had something like this happen to you?
  • It's testing week.
  • You're being evaluated so you need to tidy up your classroom 'cuz your Mother-in-law Principal is coming.
  • You've got two blubbering kiddos on their way to the office for smacking each other at recess and punctuating it with colorful language and you know all this because all 5,427 of your Code of Conduct Enforcers students are still giving you the play by play details. 
(Nope I'm not done yet!)

  • As you're trying to evacuate your classroom because you just had to send another kiddo to the nurse carrying a trash can and allow your Custodian/KeyMaster pour the Magic Fairy Dust on that child's abode you hear your cell-phone ring in the closet.
(and to save you from grossing out too much let's just say that child's test is in that trash can and you'd have to account for it if were the CST...really...you would!)
  • It's the familiar tone you have reserved for your own children's school.
(breathe...breathe...breathe...panic? Not yet)
  • Of course you can't get to the phone right then but then you hear your classroom phone ring."Hellooooo???" you say in your sweetest, I got it all together voice,and your school secretary tells you to hold because your child's school is on the other line.
  • When she comes on you hear your child's school secretary giggle. 
(panic eased) 
  • She tells you that your child is fine and in the office.
(she doesn't have to tell you this 'cuz you can hear the Lucy Ricardo, waaaaaahhh... in the background!)
  • She tells you that your kidlet is alright, but she will not let them put a band-aid on a scrape that she has obsessively picked open and is now bleeding everywhere, and if she doesn't get it covered up you'll have to go get her.
(inhale deeply...sweet voice..."Put her on puuuleeeease.")

  • They give her the phone and she sounds like she needs a trip to the emergency room. You ask her what the big problem is and through snot filled tears (hers not yours) you make out the words, "I don't want them to put it on 'cuz it will huuuurrt when I have to pull it ooooooooooff! Waaaaaaah!!!"
  • You stifle a laugh and instinctively switch to Mom mode.
  • You yell say in your sweetest voice,"Listen, if you don't let them put a band-aid on it I'm gonna go over there and sit on you and put it on myself, so knock it off, suck up those tears and let them put it on, you hear me!!!"

  • The school secretary comes back on and asks,"What'd you say to her? She held up her arm,let us put it on and now she's all smiles and on her way to class!"
  • You both laugh because she heard you. You thank her, hang up and breathe.
  • By this time you notice that your students are silent.
  •  You turn and they're all staring at you, eyes wide open.
  •  Then one brave soul pipes up and asks, " What happened Teacher?"
  • You tell them and they all show their sympathy. 
(for your daughter, not you)

  • Then they proceed to tell you their band-aid pulling off horror stories and during all this one little darling says,"I knew you were talking to your daughter 'cuz you sounded just like my mom when I'm in trouble!"

The Lesson
It's okay to let your students see that Momma side of you. It makes it more real when they see that you have the same expectations from your own kiddos. It's okay to lose it sometimes. And too...that Momma voice and look works wonders!
So, whattaya waiting for? Go perfect them and let 'em have it!

P.S. Teacher-Dads you too!


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