Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Enjoying Life's Little Surprises With Every Bite

 "This one time when I was bored...
Kids plus that line equals noooooo good.
Well, in our house it equaled to a hilarious lesson. Sit back and allow me to 'splain.
Anytime I'm on a break I try really hard
(reeeeeeeeeeeeallly hard) to put the Teacher away (dang, that lady is stubborn)
I concentrate on being Momma and I channel my inner Pioneer Woman. (loooove her).
Sometimes I even try to follow a recipe.(sssh...don't go tellin' anybody...but I don't like to follow directions...I hear your gasps...you can't believe it...I know,big sigh)
So on this break, like so many others, I bake.(...something...anything...it's Science you know) 
Well, I got my little 'ol Betty Crocker recipe book out and flipped to the section on biscuits. I thought they would go perfectly with my Taco Soup.
I measure out each ingredient. Carefully. I scraped and leveled the top of the flour and measured. Exactly.(I know...I am proud of me too) 
I greased up a pan and dropped my perfect dough onto that thing. (yes I diiid)
 And in 20 minutes I pulled those golden things of beauty out of the oven. I smothered buuuuuuutter on the top and brought those yummers to the table. The house smelled delish for Great White Hunter when he came home. We sat down to dinner and proceeded to partake in our sustanance ritual. 
(we ate) I bite into that fabulous, flaky delisciosity (is that a word? It is now.) and...crunch? "Hmmm...I must have baked them a bit too long. But they don't look overbaked.", I think to myself. Oh, well, I say nothing and  we all keep on eating. Crunch...I look at Great White Hunter. He looks at me. I look at Big Girl. She looks at me. By this time Little Girl (aka Glitterific Girl) our carboholic is asking for another biscuit. She notices nothing different. 
Great White Hunter says to me that perhaps I baked them too long. Nope. Perhaps I emptied the flour into the rice jar. Nope.
(...well...maybe...I do,do things like that)
Then as we're are trying to solve this mystery, I notice Little Girl walk over to the canisters and as she is starting to put her hand in the flour jar, Great White Hunter, who doesn't notice her doing this says, " I bet somebody got into the flour..."One daaaay when I was boooored...". At the very same time he says this Little One pulls something out of the flour and echos, "This one time when I was bored..." She walks over and shows us the rice pieces she has pulled out of the flour!
The Lesson
On this Thanksgiving holiday, oh heck! Take it easy. Have fun and eat everything! And the next time you hesitate to try anything a student brings you from their home, remember this story and if you dare...take a careful bite. 
So, whattaya waiting for? Go make some cookies and make sure your salt is salt and your sugar is sugar!

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