Saturday, November 3, 2012

Glitteriffic Girl! Parents Can't See Everything

Have you ever had this happened to you?

Your little darling of a child comes over to you while you're busy working on something and asks if it would be okay for her to create. You say, "Sure babe, just make sure you clean up." She assures you that she will and will even ask if she needs any help.
(I know you can tell where this is going!)

You say to yourself that there is no possible way she can get into any trouble. She is 2 feet away and you can see everything she is doing.
All of a sudden you hear the gasps from your older daughter and the growl from her father! "What in the world, weren't you watching her?" You turn and see the recently cleaned floor covered in glitter!

(You pause dumbstruck Blink, blink, blink... What do you say?)

  • You want to say that aliens came down, froze time, abducted and performed experiments on you.
  • You want to say that you are suffering from some exotic ailment that leaves you paralyzed and powerless to respond to anything.
  • You want to say that your child is a wizard and cast a spell on you.
(Nah...he won't buy those reasons)

So you tell the truth. You took your eyes off of her for 5 seconds and in that time she got out the glitter and gave herself a glitteriffic shower!
Really! 5 seconds!

This is what I learned from this experience

Kids can get away from you, get into things, get lost in a split second. We cannot blame ourselves or give ourselves too much credit for how they turn out or what they do. We can only try do the best we can and pray that we are doing the best by our children.

So, the next time your child decides to give themselves a glitter shower don't blame yourself or your spouse for not seeing it because the next time the same child may be sitting right next you and you may not notice she's into the glitter until you see it cascading down upon you!

(Not saying that anything like that ever happened in my home...giggle, giggle!)



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