Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Relate to Kiddos:Being a Little Silly Goes a Long Way

So have you ever done anything like this?

Have you ever watched kiddos walk down a hallway, or near a fence, or by a car, or really, by anything that doesn't move and wonder why they have to touch it? Have you ever?
I did today as I was walking to take my 17.5 minute lunch. (Okay, it only feels like it's that long!...cough...)

As I was watching them approach I got to witness that unexplainable phenomena of invisible forces compelling a kiddo to first, run his left hand, then his arm, and then his entire back side all the way down the hall!(sssslllluuup!)

I know you've all seen something like that, but have you ever gotten a wild hair like I did today and thought, "Hmmm? Wonder what that feels like?"
(you know where this is going)
Well I did.  So I too ran my hand across the wall, then my arm, and thought, "Hey, that feels kinda neat!" I walked down the hall a ways scraping my shoulder against the wall and by this time I watched the kiddos passing me in line just stare at me.
(Don't worry, they know I'm not nutso. Too many of them have had me as a teacher.)

Their teacher (who's worked with me long enough to know that I am a little nutso but loves me anyway) asks,"Are you modeling what not to do?" I say,"Nope. I was just seeing what the big deal was and know what? It feels kinda cool!"
(She shook her head and giggled...she loves me anyway...did I already say that?)

Now, this is the fun part. As I continued down the hall I asked another teacher if she'd ever tried it and guess what? (tee hee...giggle...)
The phenomenon struck another human being! She too ran her hand, then her arm, then her back against the wall and not until we claimed another victim convert was I done with my random act of silliness!
What I learned
I learned that in order to get into a kiddo's head sometimes you gotta do what they do. Some may call it "getting down to their level" but nah, that's too stuffy for me. I call it being randomly silly. Try it. You'll learn alot about why they do the things they do. (ssshhh... don't tell anyone) You'll have fun doing it!

So, whattaya waiting for??



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