Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Shirts and Sweaters Inside Out:It's Okay Not Having It All Together!

humiliationility:(v,adv,n,adj...) The ability to laugh at anyone (yourself especially), anything(animals and inanimate objects are fair game too), anywhere(from the homestead to the classroom and everywhere in between, they are all victims inspiration) especially if it teaches you a lesson about not taking life too seriously.  I really liked how that teacher showed humiliationility when she conferenced with Johnny's mom about his inability to stay focused on her remarkable, thought-provoking, spell-binding, and awe-inspiring lessons. All whilst wearing her shirt inside-out!  

(Dear Santa, I need a dictionary for Christmas...nah...making up words is much more funner!)

I love humility or is it humiliation? Sometimes the two intertwine for me not unlike the knots in a kiddos shoelaces. Allow me to 'splain my thinking with a most colorful illustration.
Picture this:
Johnny's momma is very concerned about her child not completing his homework , classwork, and most delightful behavior. She waits outside my classroom and follows me out on a day I swear footage of me is going viral.
(See previous post) 
I try not to make eye contact and hope she goes away until I have the energy to tell her about her little darling's latest recess escapade.
(I will write about that later I promise!) 
I walk all my little lovelies out to the dismissal line and see three more parents awaiting their turn to have an impromptu discussion about...pretty much the same thing Johnny's momma wants to discuss.
(And why don't I just sit 'em all down and tell them the same story...I could just change the name...hmmm? That's a thought!)
I tell Johnny's momma about his latest escapade and she gets tears in her eyes and so I feel like a heel.
(because I'm sensitive remember?).
I tell her that we need to give Johnny the gift of time and that I really have seen improvement in his behavior.
(for heavens sake he only gets some of his recesses taken away now!)
She sighs and thanks me profusely for all I have done for Johnny and ensures me that she will continue to work with Johnny at home.
I catch her look down and giggle. I ask her what's, what?
She blushes and says to me, "Teacher, did you know that you had your sweater on inside-out?"  I look at her with tired eyes, take a deep breath, shake my head and then we both start busting up laughing, and I say to her, "Quite frankly, do you suppose some of Johnny's challenges are because of his teacher!"
The Lesson
Try to practice humiliationality on a daily basis. Don't take yourself too seriously, laugh whenever you can, with whomever is near.Teacher-Moms are human too so let 'em see that side!
Oh, did I forget to mention that I wore my shirt inside-out to my daughter's school function too? It wasn't until several hours later, when we were packing up, cleaning up, and saying our good-byes that another mom looked down at me, blushed and giggled then told me..."Didja know that you had your shirt inside-out?" We busted up laughing then she paid me a great compliment. She said, "You are soooo funny!"
So, whattaya waiting for? Go practice humiliationility today!



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  1. Teacher-Mom you rock, love your candidness! I'm sure everyone has had an inside out kind of day, you are just brave enough to share!