Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Bells and Ice Cream Trucks

     I am convinced that kiddos have super hero hearing powers.  No way you say. Not with the way you have to keep repeating yourself in class, at home, in the store, in the car, in a restuarant.....Yeah, pretty much everywhere!
  Sit back and allow me to 'splain and picture this.
I'm looking out my window. I see boys and girls running around, riding bicycles, tossing balls, chasing each other, chasing dogs, chasing cats. Generally having a good 'ol kid time. 
All of a sudden. They stop. Their ears perk up.
(the kids not the puppies)
They twitch ever so slightly in one direction and then.... they bolt!
(I'm convinced that there isn't a creature alive that can outrun an 8 year old, barefooted boy, running on hot asphalt!)

For a split second I wonder what in tarnation just happened and then my super hero Momma powers kick in.
 (it's the Rockette in my mind you know)
And I hear it. It's the soft tickling sound of one of the most nails on the chalkboard, fork scraping against the teeth, hideous songs known to mankind..... Music Box Dancer!
(You know, I would like this song if it wasn't the reason...Big Girl and Little Girl... awoke from their naps...almost everyday... when they were babies! But I'm not bitter and I feel so much better now and I will put down the water balloon shooter aimed at the ice cream truck.) 
This is the same reaction I see every Christmas season. My kiddos (the ones I teach and the ones I birthed) will be sitting quietly in my classroom and I will accidently bump the box of bells that just happen to be in a drawer, or in a box on the floor, or in my pocket.
( Whaaaat's that?? hee, hee,hee, Ho, Ho, Ho)
It's the same twitch of the head I notice in every child's body at the sound of the bell ringers in the mall. And it's the same for adults too. Somehow those sounds call out the child in us all. Maybe it's because if you truly believe in the magic of the season, those Super Hero Santa Sensors are awakened.  
The Lesson
If you feel yourself getting a little Grinchy, carry some bells in your pockets and watch the reactions on the children's faces. And if that doesn't lift your spirits... chase down the next ice cream truck...with bells in your pockets!
So, whattya waiting for? Magic's waiting!


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