Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Chaos or The Show Must Go On! Part 1

I love those J-I-N-G-L-E Bells!

You know how I've said in the past how I just know somethings gonna happen? I think it must be my ESP,  my Momma's sixth sense, or maybe there's something to that whole Murphy's Law thing.
( curse you Murphy!) 
It all started when...
The Lady of the Manor stopped me in the hall the last week of November and asked if I needed anything for the Christmas show. She might as well have been asking me a physics question because I know the look I gave her rivaled those of GWH's kiddos when he asks them a complex question.
Or the look my girls give me when I yell ask them nicely if they noticed the puppies chewing up their undies right in front of them.
(riiiip...grrrrrr...riiiip...grrrr ...How those girls can remember that I told my Momma to take off her bra during a spontaneous dance party in her car, but can't remember to flush the toilet or pick up their clothes, I'll never know. But that's a whole other blog!)
Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, Christmas show.
So when The Lady of the Manor stopped me in the hall and asked me that CST question I just stared at her and had a conversation with myself: Did I sign up for that committee? Did I? I do love to put on a show but I could have sworn I was keeping that inner Rockette under wraps until the end of the year. Oh, no! I must have! I do things like that.
So, I giggled and asked her truthfully."Did I sign up for that?" And bless her heart, she knows me too well, she said to me, "Well, I know how much you love it. I just thought you did. "Now anyone who knows me knows I cannot pass up a "show" opportunity. So, I made some quick calculations of the things I needed to do for the month of November and December, moved some things around, shoved some dirty laundry into the closets in my mind, inhaled deeply, and said, "Okay!"
Right after taking 31 ravenous Firsties to partake in their daily sustenance ritual I hurried back to my classroom.
(I did contemplate dragging my whole body across the wall) 
I hopped on my computer and I started composing a note to the participating grade levels. "What are you dooooing?" Came the question from my lunch buddy. "I'm in charge of the Christmas show!" "When are you gonna do that?"
 (We have similar lives and she gets to hear about my she knows) 
"I don't know but I'm doing it!" So, I asked her if my e-mail sounded okay. "Should I take out the part I added about only 2 classes at a time?" "Nooooo, more than that will be a nightmare! Can you see almost 100 Kinders getting on and off the stage?? Leave it in there!" So I did. All the while knowing full well that one of the RockStar teachers at our school would break the rules. And they did.
(blogging material is never far from reach,.That's in Part 2...giggle)
Anyway, after a few bumps in the planning road dress rehearsal day came!
It started out....ooookay.
We had our girls show the night before so GWH was ready to put up the lights and man our music.
When he came into our cafeteria he looked around, saw me, noticed the look of angst on my face, smiled, and said,"It looks like it's all under control." By the time he came in only the first act had gone on. There were bodies rolling on the floors, begging to go the restroom, whining that they were hungry, and asking if they were ever going to go to recess!
(and yes, those were the teachers! Just kidding...I think)
After dodging a few more obstacles, and earning a new nickname.
( has a military reference if you didn't already guess)
We got through the dress rehearsal.
But we weren't done yet. Noooo. We still needed to put on the entire show for the non-participating classes. How we thought we could do two shows in one morning, all before the pre-schoolers needed to eat lunch, I'll never know. We're overzealous that way at our school. We reach for the stars.
My kiddos were the second to the last act. The walking music played. They got on stage. I peeked out from behind the curtain, The lights were off... and the audience was leaving! Lunch needed to be served and that's all she wrote! I looked at my Firstie buddy. She looked at me. I looked at our Music Diva Extraordinaire. She looked at me. I looked at our accompanist. She smiled.
(The lady is an angel...even after being tortured told  asked to start...stop...start...stop... playing by five hundred and two different people with radios...she kept her composure)
We stood there for about a half a million seconds and stared at 60 Firsties who were ready to perform. Dangit!
(Know what 60 Firsties who have been waiting outside in the cold for 30 minutes. Have not had a recess. Have missed their snack. Have not gone to the restroom and are ready to perform look like??? Kind of like the puppies at the pound! You don't want to upset them.)
So, the Music Diva asked them to get their second button ready... aaand... a one... aaand... a two... aaaand... a ready...set...go!
The little angels sang their little hearts out! They weren't sharp. They weren't flat. They were on the same note the entire time and they did it! 
Behind closed curtains!
When they finished with their fabulous rendition of It's a Small World they turned to get off the stage, and as they began to exit the stage, one little lovely stopped, looked at me with furrowed brows, hands on hips, and remarked with exasperation, "We sang behind the curtains??? What a jip!!!"
The Lesson
Now there are two things I will always advise a new teacher never try:
Never do papier mache with Kindies and never try to squeeze a dress rehearsal and a show into one morning!
Don't do it!
And if you do...make sure to take lots of pictures and send them to me!

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