Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Chaos or The Show Must Go On:Part 2

"Teacher, are we going to sing today?"
     Oh was I ever tired on the morning of the big show. My own girls had performed at their own school the night before and I was still tasting the remains of the McDonalds dinner I had wolfed down before their performance. Oh Lord help me. I didn't know if I was going to be able to make it that morning. Not after But I had to. Kiddos and their parents were depending on it! Was it too late to call in a Sub? Would anyone miss me? Surely The Lady of the Manor and her First Knight could handle it. Really, they could. "Ah get yer buns up!" said the voices inside my head.
(One day I will learn that I cannot eat that stuff day...and I will tell those voices to sing to me rather than scold day)
     When I got to school I instantly felt better. It's amazing how the faces of little people can make you feel 100 per cent better...instantly!
     I was greeted by 31 Firsties all dressed up in their Sunday best and wearing their nervous smiles. It took awhile for us to actually enter the building because of course I had inspect the troops.
(And there would be that military reference...giggle...)
     Then I noticed two of my Firsties on entering. How did I miss them? Oh yeah no coffee! They weren't dressed in their Sunday best. They looked as if they had just rolled out of bed.  I saw their nervous glances at the other children. They were sizing themselves up. They felt out of place. My heart broke a little for them. So, I made a mental note to make sure these two would be my special helpers. When we finally got into the building we stopped at the Teacher's Inner Sanctum.  There I grabbed 4 radios and my mail and I turned to both of them and in my most serious, drill sergeant tone, I asked them if they were prepared to do two of the most important jobs of the day. They looked up eagerly at me. "Yessiree  Maam!" said their eyes. "Now you. I need you to hold my coffee cup. Do not drop it. You know how Teacher loves her coffee and you know how grumpy she gets if she doesn't get it. Okay? And you. I need you to hold these radios. Do not drop them. I need to give them to important people and if they don't have their radios we can't do this show right. Can you two handle that? If not tell me right now so I can give these jobs to someone else!" They nodded their heads in unison. I turned and giggled inside.
(Yep...Sarge was back!) 
     When we finally got upstairs, I opened the classroom door and waited for each and every one of my Firsties to unload their luggage, enter the classroom, and start their morning work. After about 12 hours they actually made it in. As I glanced down at the pile of backpacks, I contemplated sending them out one by one to actually pick up their belongings and put them away neatly, but thought again about it and sent the  Student Teacher out to attend to the backpack carnage.
(For some reason I had a feeling that piles of backpacks and various items of winter wear strewn across the second floor may not be a welcoming sight. I don't know why. It was just a thought.)
     By this time it was already 8:15! Yikes! This show was scheduled to start at 8:30!Really?!
(Note to self #547: DO NOT START A SHOW FIRST THING IN THE MORNING! What the heck!)
     So, I frantically took roll call. I lined them back up, and I marched them to my Firstie Buddy's classroom. "Teacher, aren't we going to do our morning work?", inquired my second in command that day.
(blink...blink...blink... Really child. Really?)
     "No, honey. Your job this morning is to give your families the best gift ever. You get to sing to them!" "Should I get the Walking Stick then, Teacher?"
((blink...blink...blink... Really child. Really? Do you not see that I am in crisis mode?? Coffeeeee!)
     We made the 7 mile trek to my buddies classroom.
(She's really only down the hall, but you get the picture, I might as well have been taking them on a hike across the Sahara!)
When we finally landed,  I wrote numbers on each and every little Firstie.
 On the back of their hands, of course. Not on their foreheads. Although, the idea did cross my mind. I hadn't had my coffee yet, remember?
(Note to self #789:From now on when you rehearse write the order they line up in on their little hand the day before...just in case...muah ha ha!)
 I gave my Buddy a high five and the performance line-up.She already had a radio. I raced to the cafeteria. When I peeked in I saw that there were a bazillion parents, aunties, uncles, brothers, sisters, grandmas, grandpas and a partridge in a pear tree! The Music Diva was giving her chorus boys last minute stage hand instructions. I threw her a radio.
(Later, we laughed because she confessed that she didn't know how to use it!)The First Knight was ready to man the music and was schmoozing with parents. He had a radio. The Lady of the Manor was schmoozing greeting parents. She had a radio. The curtain puller waved to me from behind his hiding spot, ready to do his thing, he showed me that he too already had a radio. And our lovely accompanist was playing beautiful Christmas music. She didn't need a radio either! Dang-it!
 We were ready for a show!
     The introductions were made. The Pre-K entered to the "aaaahs!" from the audience.
     Pre-K went on and not one candle was broken.
     The first Kinder group went on and not one baby lost it. Or got lost. I think. 
     The second Kinder group went on and only a few (dozen) instruments hit the floor.
Snort..giggle..snort. I warned them!
(clink...clink...jingle...don't pick it up baby...leave it..leave it..leeeave it!)
     Then, right as the curtain began to close, but what to our wondering ears did we hear...? 
     Know what's faster than a greased pig, on a rainy day in July? No? That would be a busy-bored- unstrapped toddler, sitting under a shiny red box, in the middle of a room full of adults, occupied with snapping pictures of their cherubs on stage.  

 The Lady of the Manor saw it coming, and in hindsight I did too. But our powers were no match for Velcro Child and his Sticky Fingers of Doom!  Neither one of us had the time to run into the bathroom, change into our super heroine garb, and fly across the room in time to stop the offending stinker! So, we did what we had too. We took advantage of the perfectly unscheduled intermission and evacuated the premises. In record time I'll have you know. We're efficient that way. And too the First Knight makes sure we are always prepared.
(Huh...maybe I should change his name to Eagle Scout Number One...maybe...I just might) 
     The added bonus was that our families got to witness how quickly we could get their babies out of the building... and back into the building. We got to thank our local Fire Rescue workers for a job well done.
(Update: Velcro Child escaped being reprimanded by our heroes in the Big Red Truck as he was rapidly whisked away in his mighty carriage and is now busy wreaking havoc in his own home!...I hope) 
     And, of course, the show went on!
     It continued without anymore interruptions. My students got to perform for their parents.
(With the curtains opened this time)
     And a good time was had by all! And know what? I did it all without my coffee!
Would I do it again? Will I do it again? Do I still love it?
Whattaya think???
The Lesson 
Bringing people together to witness children perform is a blessing. Because at the end of the day this is the truth...
We share this world together
We live from day to day
We sing and dance and celebrate in many different ways
Our music may be different
Our language and customs too
But, the need for shelter, food, and
 Is the same for me and you!


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