Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Discipline Momma Style and Getting Some Me Time While At It

 It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeeeear!

Okay, who's going a little crazy nutso right about now? There's tons to do and only 25 days to do it in. There are shows to be produced and gifts to be purchased and cookies to be made and gifts to be wrapped and parties to be planned and lessons to be made and objectives to be met and, and, and....!!!
EEEEEEEEEEK! And you need to do it with a smile!
It's a little challenging to keep yourself in that joyous mood, isn't it? 
Through all this hustle and bustle it's very easy to lose yourself, your sanity and find yourself laughing hysterically in the shower one day wondering if your family has called the "Original Snuggie" manufacturers!
Well, I was having one of those days just recently. I'm sitting in my car transporting my girls to one of their 547 activities, ticking off my mental list of what I needed to do for my school kiddos.
 ( I get my best thinking done in the confines of my car and in the shower and while staring at the washing maching fill up and while staring blankly at a white screen and ...) 
I was just singing my little "ol heart out with the radio and something told me to take a peek in the rearview mirror. 
(See, I do listen to my Angels!)
As I peek, I catch Big Girl leaning over to lie her head on the middle armrest where Little Girl just happened to have her arm resting. Then I caught a very rare sight. I saw The Grinch spark in Big Girl's eye! I hardly ever catch the Grinchy look on Big Girl, as she is very... ahem...selective in showing us this side of her. Then, all heck breaks loose and I see the two start a good 'ol slap fest! I had a flashback to my sister and I doing the same thing and just when I was about to channel my Momma and declare that I would be the end to the argument, my Angel spoke to me. 
(Now you must understand that I am convinced that my Angel has hot latin blood and dances the salsa!) 
Know what she said? She said, " No no no! Let me 'splain what 'ju gonna do. 'Ju gonna put that "shoe" back on and 'ju gonna sit back and when 'ju get home 'ju gonna send those two girls to their rooms and 'ju gonna pop yourself a bag of popcorn and 'ju gonna sit and have 'juself some "Me" time! 'Ju hear!!!"  
Well, I have learned the hard way not to mess with my Angel, so of course I listened to her!
And know whaaat?? It was the longest time I have had to myself in forever and 2 days! 
And know whaaat?? I felt fantabulous after!
And too, those girls sat in their rooms, did their homework without any threat encouragement and when they were done I caught them playing quietly in their rooms. At the dinner table, they apologized to each other and were the best of friends again. And they did it without any intervention!
The Lesson
Kiddos do not need every argument, fight, conflict, bicker session "fixed" by an adult. Sometimes they need a breather too and express it in the most, ahem, creative ways!
So, whattaya waiting for? Go listen to your hot blooded Angels! Ju hear?!

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