Tuesday, December 11, 2012


"Know where we're going this week? Teacher's taking us on an imagication!"

So says one of my little lovelies to my teacher buddy! I thought I was the only one who invented new words but like most really catchy things, making up words has rubbed off on my kiddos.
( It's the sign of true genius!)
 Our itinerary is full. We have a whole lot of world to see and only two weeks to do it in. I don't know how we're going to do it but if today is any indication of how we get there, we're going to travel and learn a lot more about the people I work with on a day to day basis! How you ask? Well today as my BFF started our annual holiday theme, to our wonderful surprise her Instructional Aide hopped right in and gave our students some added details about the Mexican culture. Some details that even I wasn't aware of. It is a small, small world and we can learn so much from each other!  We'll be sure to take lots of pictures, pick up some really cool souvenirs and make lasting memories while we're at it! Tomorrow we're headed off to Canada, dontcha know! We'll keep you posted! 
The Lesson
You don't need to take kids out of the classroom to expand their horizons. Utilize all the resources available to you, from your library to the Rock Star school staff you work with everyday. You'd be amazed at the plethora of knowledge around you and the friendships you'll create along the way!
To quote one of my BFF's moms,"I'm going on a trip and I'm meeting some friends while I'm there!"
So, whattaya waiting for?  Hop on that Google Earth thingamajingy and take a trip with your darlings too! And don't forget to pack some handitizer! 


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