Sunday, December 16, 2012

Mom Do You Like Being A Teacher?

This is the question my daughter asked me out of the blue this weekend. I made a conscious effort not to have the radio, television or computers on so as to shield both my girls from the news. So, I was surprised when this question came. She knows I love what I do. She has surprised me on more than one occasion with her flattering remarks. The greatest compliment being: "Mom, I think I want to be a Teacher when I grow up."
When she asked me that question I couldn't help but wonder if she perhaps heard the news. I prayed she didn't.  I didn't ask her why she wanted to know. I just sat there for a second and thought about it. 
Do I like being a Teacher?
Then I remembered what she said to me with a huge grin on her face last year when I was battling the guilt monster and feeling like I was neglecting my entire family:"Mom, those kids just love you. They love you a lot!"
 So, I told her the truth. "Babe, it isn't easy being a Teacher. Some days I just want to stay home and be your Mom." After all the sadness of the past week that's how I honestly felt. But I also know this. Tomorrow, when I hear the sweet voices of my students singing and laughing I will feel so much better. Because this is the truth. During the hardest most tumultuous times in my life, what kept me going was the children.They have led me out of the darkness more than once just by being who they are.  
We need them as much as they need us. 


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