Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Elf Hunt: A Thanksgiving Adventure

Now as I look back on it the signs were all there.
The Signs
  • Big Girl makes me breakfast all by her self(yummers!)
  • Big Girl loses a tooth in the middle of the night and doesn't tell us till the morning (any other time she would have declared it)
  • Big Girl wonders out loud if her Tooth Fairy got scared away(I would have. You should see her musuembedroom)
  • Big Girl states that she doesn't think the Tooth Fairy will come for an ugly tooth(but will she floss? ha, methinks not without loads of nagging encouragement)
  • In her letter to the Tooth Fairy, Big Girl writes that she thinks this might be her last tooth and wants to know if she will ever see her again (sniff)

Sometime during the week(probably when I was making biscuits...crunch)
Big Girl took out The Elf on the Shelf  book and used her inference skills.
(why do her teachers need to be so good??) 
I didn't know the Elf is supposed to come on Thanksgiving Day! 
See that turkey??
See the "magic" words??
So, as GWH and I were sitting all cozy-like and sipping our coffees and nibbling on our cinnamon rolls, watching that big 'ol parade they have every year in New York for my baby brother and GF Dawn's birthday, and as the Rockettes started kicking up their 10 foot long legs, and I was fantasizing about having 10 foot long legs, she's says, "Mom, Juliet isn't here?" " Huh? Whaaat? Who the heck is Juliet??",I say.
As I turn to look at her I catch GWH glaring at me.
(blink..blink...blink. I was still fantasizing about being a Rockette)
Then one of those 10 foot long legs kicked me in my mind reading skills!
"Where the heck did you put her last year??"  I answered,"I didn't do anything with her, you did!" Then he argued back,"Noooo, you put her away!" And well, I don't need to tell you that we had a non-verbal battle that no one was going to win sooooo, me being the quick thinker I am, 
(I'm speedy like that. Nooot!) 
I said,"Hey, could you help me find the turkey platter."
The "turkey platter"
I threw a sleeping chihuahua off my lap. We hightailed it to our bedroom, to the garage, to our bedroom, the hall closet, the girl's closets, under the dogs. NOTHING.
We threw the cats out of the laundry baskets, ran back to the garage.
Whaaaaat, stocking stuffers?
Oooooh, yeah. That's where I hid 'em! 

We did it all over again.
Just as we were about to give up searching and see if there were any Tar-jays open, GWH gets a look. He disappears. I find him in our closet. He reaches in and...presto! He pulls down a photo box!
I heard my Angels sing!!!
He placed that Elf on the bathroom light fixture. And all day long those girls didn't notice her. Even after the glorious fowl was carved, and they took  547 trips to the bathroom, and all my hints.
After sending them in to brush their teeth, and wash their hands, and take baths and wash their hands again and again.
I was going bonkers!

Little Girl finally looks up at the burnt out lightbulbs.
(don't know why she did that...giggle)
Big Girl gets that questioning look on her face and wonders out loud how Juliet could have arrived without being seen. Being well schooled in the art of magic
re-con, I scared her dog. 

The Elf Huntress

Doggie went running to the bathroom and I exclaimed, "She's trying to tell you something. It's the same yelp as the night your Tooth Fairy came, rememberrrr?"
"She really needs to start listening to us!"

Now, the only thing I have to worry about is Glitterific Girl bedazzling her!
The Lesson
Keep them believing in magic at all costs. The memories are priceless.
And yes, listen to your Angels!
Soooo, whattaya waiting for? Go track that magic down! 

*disclaimer: No doggies or kitty cats were harmed in the hunt for Juliet. (giggle)



  1. Love it! I think my kids are too old now for Elf on the Shelf... but I'm not... so maybe next year we will a surprise come Thanksgiving!!!

    1. Glad you enjoyed it! You're never to old for "Magic"!T-M