Friday, January 4, 2013

Chihuahuasaurus Rex and Jurassic Kitty

May I present to you...
Jelly Bean and BoBo!
I hear you You're saying...

Aaaaaah! How sweeeeeet... Look-at those two cuuuuuties...The furry little criiiiitters.
Well, STOP IT.They don't deserve it. Sure. By day they love to curl up and warm a welcoming lap. Every single day JB leads the entire family in a rousing howl jam session that leaves us all in stitches. Suuuure. Those are some of the perks.
 But... at night they can wreak havoc. So much so, that they were the cause of the near demise of GWH! Yep. They are naughty together! 
Let me 'splain...
It all started with a hunt...of sorts. We took our girls on a dino hunt to the Fossil Discovery Center of Madera County( )and discovered yet another local learning jewel. There are hundreds of fossils on display, a large mock dig, a Pleistocene Pond, and students young and old will learn about the San Joaquin Valley's ancient and natural history. I highly recommend it if you didn't already guess. Stop by if you're ever in the area.   
(I see a fieldtrip in my future)
Anyhoo, what does this all have to do with almost pummeling GWH to smithereens?
Well, let's just go straight into...
Do not go on a dino hunt, eat half a bag of chili lime pistachios, stay up to watch a re-run of Jumanji, and then leave your bedroom door open.
Because... you will be tired... and you will fall asleep... and in the middle of the night you might be ripped out of a dream, pulling the claws of a flying cat out of your beloveds hip.(and yours too) All whilst being trampled by his evil nemesis pursuer. You might swear you saw a caveman looming over the slumbering "victim" next to you.
And, in an attempt to "save" him, you might let out the best horror movie scream ever.
(who makes horror flicks nowadays? Oh, well if I don't know I guess I can't audition...must research that)
You might then proceed to pummel the poor "victim" out of his sleep.
(in an effort to get him to save himself...ahem...) 
Doing her duty as protector, Chihuahuasaurus Rex will proceed to bark frantically throughout the house looking for her BFF/partner in crime, Jurassic Kitty. So you, in an effort to redeem yourself and make it up to the "victim", you  might fall out of bed  in a very lady-like fashion, gingerly get out of bed and offer to wrestle her down find her and calm her down.
(In the dark...without your glasses...down the hall...through the living room...back to the bedroom...ouch!...kick the laundry basket...ouch!...trip on those dang boots you told Big Girl to put away...shishkadangit!...back out to the hall...and then...score!)
You catch her. You take the offending Frito-ifferous creature back to your room to calm her down.
(You contemplate tossing her outside but then get an image of a little black popsicle standing at the doorway and you change your mind... instantly)
Then, just when you think aaaaall is caaaalm...aaaaall is briiiiiight... out of the darkness may come a giggle. You will barely be able to make out the shadow of your youngest production climbing into bed with you.
(who, ironically enough, resembles a small cave-girl)
And, through the darkness, when all is quiet in the jungle, the mighty jungle... she will suddenly ask with exasperation in her voice, "Mom, what were you doooing?? You sounded like you do when you want us to clean!"
Really child? Really?!
So, whattaya waiting for? Go get your shovel, your brush, and go dig up some dinosaurs. But leave the chili lime pistachios at home and close your door!


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