Sunday, January 6, 2013

Daddy's Hands

     The sound and smell of coffee brewing eased me out of a sweet slumber early this Saturday morning. That, and the sound of Glitteriffic Girl saying,"I want three hearts right in the middle." I lay in bed for a while listening to the quiet conversation between my younger daughter and her Daddy. I heard the excitement in her voice. She and her Daddy were doing something they both excel in. They were "creating". Not wanting to disturb this special "alone" time between the two of them, I listened. He was teaching her yet another skill. 
     "Now hand me that right there. We need to cut it this way." I took note of the quiet, tender tone he used with her. He broke down each part of the project. When the project came to a place where he needed to take over, there was no protest from our spirited girl. " I don't want you to hurt yourself." "Okay Daddy."
 "Let me do this part. Use this to protect your fingers  Hold it like this. That's perfect." The lesson continued and my heart warmed. He was teaching her something I cannot. He was teaching her a life skill. He was encouraging her natural curiosity. He was honing her natural artistic abilities. 
     I peeked out and watched the scene. The two artists were hard at work. So very different but, at the same time, very much alike. They were sharing a memory. 

The Lesson
Every child needs to feel like they are the center of their parents' universe. Carving out that special "alone" time may be challenging. It truly is the quality of the time that counts not the quantity. 
Children just want to be with you.


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