Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Growing Lemons:Lessons on Letting Things Be and Never Giving Up!


See those baby lemons? To the unsuspecting observer they're just that. Lemons; yellow,oval, sour. Not too special in any particular way. With some sugar you can make lemonade, lemon bars, lemon cookies, lemon pie, lemon cake, lemon drops, lemon smoothies, lemon curd... and if you were my brothers you used them for anything from baseballs to grenades.
(Remember the scene from Mrs. Doubtfire? I was a victim of a run-by fruiting more than once...ssssploot!)
After this week they will be a reminder to me that letting things be is sometimes the same as never giving up.
Let me 'splain...
This past summer our family adopted another furry friend. Her name is JellyBean and she is weird  interesting. She loves to run laps around our dying Birds of Paradise. She runs and runs and runs around it and has carved out a really cool track. I like to watch this. She cracks me up.
  (I'm weird...I know...I'm a cheap date)
As she ran her course, run, hit the fence, spin, run, hit the fence, spin, over and over again, I watched and giggled. GWH came out and he watched the show too.
(I contribute to the weirdness of everyone)
I stood there mesmerized until he declared and jolted me out of my trance, "Look, lemons not key limes!" He directed my attention to one of two sadly neglected baby citrus trees. We  I am a bad plant parent. We  I either over water, over fertilize, go crazy with the pruners and  basically mess with them too much. Or I go to the opposite extreme. I forget about them. Completely.
(I can't think when the temperature outside is over 90 degrees...my brain melts!)
This year I just let the pool water feed it. I left it alone, I didn't worry about it, I let it be and look what I got! We were both caught by surprise and I told him, "I'm making me some lemon bars!" Now, if the other tree would just grow I could make myself a margarita!
The Lesson
We never really know what lies inside. As Teachers and Parents sometimes we mess too much with kiddos when what we really need to do is leave them alone for a while to process everything we have taught them. We can't force it out of them. They need time!

So, whattaya waiting for? Sit back and enjoy "the fruits of your labors" but watch out for the flying citrus!


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