Monday, January 21, 2013

Natural Goodness

"It's gonna be okay friend."

     There's something about children that amazes me. Well there's tons about children that amazes me, but at this time of the year, when we are delving into the topic of Civil Rights and exploring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.'s message, I am re-amazed, re-inspired, re-lieved, by what I can only describe as their...
Natural Goodness
At this time of the year, in the true spirit of Teacher sharing, there is a DVD that circulates some of the classrooms in my school. It's out of print now, but through the power of Youtube, your kiddos can see it too.
(I hear your gasps. "A DVD!" But listen. Sometimes a DVD can illustrate and make more of an impact than me being the sage on the stage and going into my spiel. Yes, I love the stage but really, I know how to share the spotlight. Really. I do.) This DVD doesn't make it into the classrooms because it's entertaining.
( is that)
It makes it into the classrooms because it gets straight to the point and in a kid friendly way it shows kiddos what that no-school day in January, is all about. It's good teaching and when I show it to them I find myself awestruck by their reactions. With a good mix of animation and period footage it grabs their attention and keeps it, which is always a good thing in my opinion.
But this is the best thing...
For the past few years that I've shown this DVD, I have to stop and watch the children. They giggle, gasp, and they hold their hands over their mouths.Then inevitably it comes to the point in the DVD where 31 little furrowed brow faces turn and look at me;some teary, some angry, all shocked. And I hear the question.
With that one word I have to stop that DVD and let them talk to each other. They share how things are different now. They share how mean people can be. They voice their opinions and feelings. They relate their little lives and experiences to this massive problem of hate. They call it bullying and they know it is wrong. Then out of the mouths of several I hear the conclusion;the solution to this big problem. It's simple yet so true. 

The Lesson
"You need to be friends and be nice to everybody."

So, whattaya waiting for? Go be part of the dream!


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