Monday, January 7, 2013

Sparrows and Bears

Know what's the difference between a morning person and a night person?
(Or as I like to call 'em the sparrows and bears) 
I've always wondered. I've always considered myself one and not the other. This morning after dragging myself out of bed, kicking myself mentally for staying up way to long to write, read, watch one of the "chick flicks" my family gave me for Christmas and running throughout the house chasing after rogue doggies looking for kitties looking for cavegirls, I posted this to my friends.
Morning are not normal! 
It came as no surprise which two of my girlfriends would agree with...each other...that mornings are the best.  
So, I had to figure this out and after about two minutes of research (because I'm scholarly like that) and comparing these two ladies. These are a few things I learned about sparrows and bears...and a somewhat related funny.
(In our house we have two bears and two sparrows...ten points if you can guess which one I am)
  • Sparrows are easier to rouse out of the nest in the morning.  (grrrr...who installed a fire alarm in my room?...ooooh that's an alarm clock?..giggle)
  •  Sparrows are more analytical in their organization whereas bears tend to be more creative in their organizational endeavors (excuse me for a minute while I pick up my To Be Filed File..oops!)
  • Sparrows are generally more cheery in the morning and in general they are cheerier and that's why they named a breakfast cereal after them.(Did I mention that they are cheerful? That's why they're ageless)
  • If you need something done speedy quick...ask a sparrow.
  • If you don't have a pressing deadline but still want quality work...ask a bear.
  • Trying to keep up with a sparrow is the best form of exercise.
  • Bears are great to cuddle. (just don't poke 'em in the morning..unless you have a coffee cup in your hand)
  • You meet a sparrow for breakfast.(mmm...breakfast burritos and coffee)
  • You meet a bear for linner. (that would be the meal between lunch and dinner 'cuz the conversation may carry over to the other...mmm...Sweet Tomatoes
and finally...                                 The Lesson
  •  the one sound the bear cannot live without, thanks God for everyday, and wishes she could hear more of, is the sweet song of her dear friend(s) the sparrow(s).
(and that's why I love 'em...more'n my luggage!)

Oh yeah. I nearly forgot...
Didja know that a dolphin sleeps with one eye open? I think Mommas and Daddies are part dolphin!




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  1. Dolphins are awesome too! :)
    :) Dawn