Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The First Day of School: A Little January Reminder!

It was the first day of First grade
For the kids in two-sixteen.
They waited patiently on a green dot
They knew the whole routine.

Some held tightly to their Daddy's hand,
Letting go they did not dare.
They caught a glimpse of their Kinder Teacher.
To her, no-one could ever compare.

So they waited in the hot sun.
For, forever and a day.
And they wiggled and they wondered,
When would they get to play?

Then they heard the sound of bells
Announcing the new school year.
At the double doors they stood and stared,
Their hearts and heads all full of fear.

"Are you the new kids in this class?"
Asked a giant, twice their size.
They did not know what to say.
Should they answer?
Was it wise?

She walked through the line.
She spoke to every family.
Each waited for their turn to come.
The anticipation-pure agony.

When she finally got to them,
The dread instantly subsided.
For she spoke their language too
And told them when
They would all be reunited.

She asked the name of each girl and boy
And spoke to them with a smile.
"This is how we say hello.
I call it Firstie Style!"

"Be sure to shake with your right hand not your left
And look me straight in the eye.
If you're not here to say hello
I will miss you and I might just cry."

When she was done meeting all of them
She walked to the front of the line.
Then turned and said to the grown-ups,
"Thank you Families they will be just fine."

So, they gave them one last hug.
One to last the whole day through.
Because they were going on a First Grade trip.
There was so much to see and learn and do!

The Lesson
Kiddos grow up and change so much in just the span of four months! It's good to have a reminder of how much you have done with them and how quickly you'll be meeting a whole new crop of friends!


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