Friday, January 11, 2013

The Mystery of the Inner Sanctum

" You want me to hold the door for you Teacher? You want me to hold those papers for you Teacher? I'm helping Teacher! Get baaaack!"
     Every morning of my working life I have the same routine. There's comfort in routines and loads of giggles if you just sit back and watch.
(Where are those darn cameras!)
     On most mornings I'm making a mad dash to get from home, to my girls' school, to my school all in the span of about five minutes.
(Not just feels that way...really)
     On a good morning and all goes really well and if Glitterific Girl doesn't decide to do some spontaneous craftation, we get out of the house and on our way in a timely manner. That, bless my stars and garters, is more often than not.
     It's on days like these that I sit back and giggle at the most random, but not so random, observations. This is what I saw one particular morning...
      I began to lead my Firsties through the door and down the hall. Making sure we left sufficient room for the  throngs of Gremlins Kinders and Pre-K'ers. We stopped until they passed. I remembered that I hadn't picked up the  notices from my box that morning, so I decided to seize the opportunity.
(Truth be told...ahem...I don't like to pick up my mail...because I'll lose stuff in my I use it to keep very important papers safe...and I clean it out at least once a week, or so...Oh no! I just gave away my secret!)
     As we waited for the babies to pass, I asked the first person in line to hold the door while I popped in to take the four steps to my box.When I turned back I had to fight my way back out the door through the mass of puppies all trying to squeeze their way into that room after me!  "Get out! Whattarya all doing!!!" "We wanna see Teacher." I had forgotten the fascination this room held for so many kiddos. It held a mystery for me at that age and all things being the same, it still mystifies children. I wondered why so, that afternoon I looked at it through the eyes of a six year old and this is what I saw.
  • That room is a party room. Because, when Teachers go into that room they look grumpy but when they come out, more often than not, they come out laughing.
  • There's a personal chef in there. Scrumptuous smells come out of that room like popcorn and hot chocolate and sometimes Teachers come out of there with really yummy stuff on plates.
  • Teachers wield their magical powers in that room. They feed that big 'ol machine one paper and it spits out a gazzilion more! WHOA!!!
  • There are TV's and video games in that room! (Really it's only another computer and a microwave but to them it looks like TV's)
  • There is a direct link to Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, the President of the United States and the most important person in the world, the Nurse! Some days their own Teacher gets to use those Official Walkie-Talkie radio thingamajigs and works for the CIA. We just know it!
     The Lesson
There are some things that are just universal. They transcend time. They never change and that's a good thing.
 Every school has an Inner Sanctum. Some have soda machines, roll out beds and I just know that at some schools the Teachers have a dance party at lunch. I just know it!



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