Thursday, January 17, 2013

The Teacher with the Red Hot Lipstick

     Every one has their "thing". You know what I mean. A "thing". One of those quirky little obsessions that no one but you,and your best girlfriends, understand.  They're fun to have. They make you happy and it's especially great when you can trace the obsession back to one of your own Teachers and somehow know, that every time you do it, you honor them. 
Let me 'splain...
     Today, for the billionth time in the span of about ten minutes, someone asked to go to the restroom. Now, mind you, the request always comes from the same two cherubs, at the same time of day, at the most inopportune time.
(Really children? Don't you know I stayed up all night preparing the most stimulating lesson on the effects of global warming on the rare Bitzu-Mitzu bird found only on the Island of Falapuchia? Maybe not)
     Before I could even get it out of my mouth, out of the mouth of one of my Firsties came the frustrated expression, "For heaven's sake!" I couldn't help but giggle. "That's me", I thought.
(I really have to watch it in the car...y'all know what I mean...)
     Anyhow, like I said, everyone has their "thing". My thing, amongst others,
(hint:it has something to do with cleaning products) is this...
      I love lipstick. Not just any kind of lipstick. I love red lipstick. I love glossy lipstick. I love the kind of lipstick that when you put it on your lips you just have to do that -pop,pop,pop, muah- thing. Then, when you're done, somehow you're compelled to cock your head to the side in classic Betty-Boop fashion and pose.
(Boop, boop bee doo!)
     Today, I shared my newest procurement with my Teacher-Buddy. "Look. this is the best lip-gloss everrrr!" I proclaimed this as I pulled out three different shades from the depths of my purse. She laughed. "You have three?!" "Yep. I love this stuff!" Then I opened one up and swiped it across my lips.
(Muah,pop,pop,pop, Ooo!)
      Well I know exactly when and where I learned to love lipstick. I learned this lesson, not from my mother, or my aunties, or even my grandmother.
(However, they could, can, and still rock the lippy-sticky!)
Nope. I learned how to love the stuff by watching my third grade Teacher. Or as I refer to her...
The Teacher with the Red Hot Lipstick...
     This lady was and still is an elegant lady. She was the first Teacher-Mom I ever knew and to this day I treasure the friendship I formed with her daughter.
(She's pretty awesome too! My muse in so many ways!)
I remember being amazed at how this woman could balance, home, work, motherhood and still look put together and beautiful. How she did it, I only got a glimpse of, but I took lots of mental notes.
      My Teacher always wore two shades. Not at the same time though. She wore an orange hue in the morning. A subtle color to ease us into the day, I'm sure. Then, after lunch, her lips would be painted in the hottest, most fantastic, luscious berry red lipstick you ever laid your eyes on! Hot, with a capital H-O-T! One rare rainy day, when the class had to stay in at lunch, I got to see her apply it. It was a sight to behold. I don't think she knew that several little girls were watching her with bated breath as she pulled out her compact...took the cap off...twisted the tube ever... so... slooowwwly... to reveal the fabulous-ness hidden within the confines of it's shiny exterior. Then, while we all held our breath... we all took mental notes on the proper way of applying the object of our (at least my) lifelong obsession!
The Lesson  
  A very wise, very elegant, very hard working Teacher-Mom told me once,"Kids don't have anything better to do than to watch everything you do." Imitation truly is the truest and best form of flattery.

So, whattaya waiting for? For heaven's sake! Go do something amazing and be a trend setter!




  1. I love this of course did you ever see that her lipstick was only indented on one side which I still do to this day!
    Crazy what we take with us!
    Love it!

    1. You bettah believe it that I noticed that too! I love your Momma. Having taught the same grade as her I know what a crucial year it is for kiddos. She did an excellent job. If I do say so myself!