Sunday, January 13, 2013

Things "They" Don't Tell You

You know, when you're going through college there are things that "they" just don't tell you about the "real" world of teaching.
  • Don't do papier mache with Kinders. Imagine putting wild kittens and puppies in a small room with a big bowl of water and several rolls of toilet paper. Let them loose. You get the picture? It's worse than that. I promise.
  • On your first day you will be given the keys to an empty room, five pencils and maybe a ream of paper and you will be expected to entertain teach 547 cherubs the very next day.
  • Never allow more than two students out to use the restroom. Unless, of course, you're wanting them to conduct research on 101 Uses for Toilet Paper.(ssssssssplooot!)
These along with some other, learn by the seat of your pants, lessons only come when you actually sign your name on the dotted line.  
But of course those aren't the perks, these are...
  • On the days you feel (and look) like something the dog pulled out of the trash, one of the little lovelies will look up at you and say,"I missed you Teacher. I love school."
  • On another day, when you're sure your clothes were all switched in the middle of the night for a smaller size, one will bring you a donut and when you look at it with a sigh and say,"Ah thank you honey, but I probably shouldn't eat this. Teacher needs to watch her weight." That (next) Student of the Month will respond with furrowed brow and exclaim, "But you're skinny Teacher!" 
  • But I think one of the best perks is when you catch one with their nose close to your arm, and you catch them breathe in deeply, then say,"You smell pretty Teacher and you're squishy."
So, with that, tomorrow after doing all the things I tell my students not to do on their vacation like; stay up too late, eat too many sweets, sleep in too long. (The list goes on and on)
 I will enter my classroom and place myself right next to the child I know will say something to lift my spirits and tell me with no prompting at all... You're pretty Teacher. I like you!
The Lesson
I really don't think a person has to be the Teacher of small children to reap the benefits of how children can lift a person's spirits. There is always someone, somewhere, who's positive light shines through no matter what the circumstances may be.
So, whattaya waiting for? Go be that person.  



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