Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Toddler Superpowers!

I know I've said this before. Kids amaze me. There are times I wish I could bottle up what flows through their little rubbery veins and somehow, someway figure out that magical formula and sell it. Really, I'd share.
I'd share because I would want everyone to possess a smidge of the superpowers that I witnessed just recently.
See little man? He's there. Underneath the cheetah exterior. Within arms reach of the glitterful pom poms. Snuggled and strapped tightly into his little orange cocoon. Yes, he's there. And through my sleep deprived, caffeine induced daze I envied him. I wished that I too had a queen sized hammock and an animal print blankie. I pouted a myself...then I sighed deeply and marveled at the sight because as...the basketball players ran... the shoes squeaked .. the referees chirped... the balls bounced... the timer honked... the crowd yelled...and of course the cheerleaders woo-hooed!  Throughout this incredible cacophony of sports-like music... 
Little Sir Snooze a Lot...slept! 


 Until...Little Miss Sissy Sparkle Pants just couldn't stand that she hadn't fulfilled her sisterly hug quota for the day and just had to...just had to...look over at him and say, "a jibbidee, jabbedee, jibbidee, jee!" Which, I instantly translated to mean, "Oh brother dear, I sadly fear my smooches you have missed! And didja dream about me?" (I speak toddlerish too... that's one of my Superpowers)

 And Little Sir Snooze a Lot awoke and watched the runners running, and the cheerleaders woo-hooing and...

Little Sir Snooze a Lot...went back to sleep!

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