Friday, February 15, 2013

Are You Enjoying Life's Little Gifts?

I am not winning any awards for my incredible focus.
(gasp, I know you're surprised, shocked even)
But no, I am not.
     So when I catch Glitterific Girl staring off into La-La Land instead of doing her homework, or hiding in her room "creating" instead of getting dressed, or digging in the Secret Garden instead of helping pick up her 4,876 pieces of clothing, or... or...or... I get it. It drives me bonkers, but I get it.
When she says things like, "Mom, I just look at something and I forget what I'm supposed to do." I get it.
     When Big Girl procrastinates and takes an hour to brush her teeth...or takes a two hour bubble bath...or changes her clothes for the 944th time...or sits in her room and composes songs instead of writing her report for school. I get it. 
When she wants me to snuggle that little bit more instead of going to bed... or sit on her Daddie's lap. I get it.
     When they both think that stopping the car, pulling out my phone and snapping a picture of something that strikes me as wonderful is odd and unusual behavior for me, then that tells me that I'm barrelling through life way too fast and not living in the moment. That I need to sit back, take a breath and enjoy all the little gifts life has to offer me and remember that I am their role model and that my job is to help them learn how to enjoy the surprises in life.
     Because when I stop and marvel at a beautiful piece of wet window art work Glitterific Girl creates and Big Girl states, "Mom, she does that all the time." and it's the first time I've ever noticed it. I know I have been missing a lot in between and I won't get those moments back.
The Lesson 
     Someone gave me some very good advice the other day. As we were talking about her teenage sons, one is in college and one is graduating high school, she said to me, "I am not in such a hurry to have my daughter grow up like I did my sons. I am trying my hardest to keep her little as long as I can, because all too soon she will be graduating high school too and I don't want to wonder where all the time went."

So, what's keeping you from enjoying those little gifts. Are they really that important?


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