Saturday, February 2, 2013

Everybody Needs a Desk Fairy!

"Mercy child! What have you got growing inside your desk?"
I have a dilemma of sorts. It's a real problem at times. I know where it stems from and I know I am passing on this little quirk to hundreds of little people on a daily basis.
(I hear 'ya."Get to it already!", you're saying.)
Well here it goes. I have to and I need to get it under control.
(Whew! Okay now that I admitted it. I feel so much better!)
I came to this realization at the end of a busy, busy week of testing and teaching and dancing and starting my new exercise program. You may have heard of it. It's called Tag Your It. You should try it. It works out all the major muscle groups and you see results instantly. I highly recommend it.
As I was saying...
I sat in the stillness and comfort of my classroom, and was basking in the glory of having two quiet moments to listen to the swishing of my own heart.
(Or was that the Mr. S's vacuum cleaner down the hall? They sound oddly the same)
I sat there and reflected on the past week's happenings. It was a good week. It was a fun week. Only three little darlings had to "visit" Mr. H and apologize for banging out Beethoven's Fifth on the restroom hand dryers adjacent to his classroom.
(Poor Mr. H and his students. I wonder if they hear the, bang-whiiish-whiiiiirrr-bang-bang-bang-whiiish-whiiiiirrrr, of those dryers in their sleep?)
Yes it was a productive week. I inhaled deeply and...stopped. As the familiar scent of something not too pleasant attacked my nasal passages, my body's  automatic response system took over. My head jerked. My nose wrinkled and my entire forehead scrunched up as I methodically searched around my work table for the offending culprit.
I sniffed...sniffed...sniffed. Nothin'.
I stood up, walked around the room and sniffed...sniffed...sniffed. Nothin'.
I got down on my hands and knees and sniffed all around the room until...I located the direction of the offending object. Like a droopy-eared hound in hot pursuit of a wascally wabbit, my nose locked onto that scent until I found it. Victory!
(Mommas and know what I'm talkin' about!)
I peered into the storage unit desk of one my more...ahem... creative Firsties. I tried to see past the great wall of paper blocking my view. I held my nose. I was afraid. (Vewy afwaid)
I poked at it with a pencil. I couldn't penetrate the fortress. I was afraid to find what lie deep within that dark cavern. I contemplated dragging the entire thing into the hall and calling a haz-mat team. I thought about calling GWH and having him come to my rescue. I continued to have an internal dialogue on how I could avoid what I knew was the inevitable. I had to do what I tell my students and girls all the time.
Take care of the problem.
I had to face my fear head on. So, I did what I had to do. I sucked it up, and my breath. I held my nose. I closed my eyes and dumped that desk over. Nothing fell out. That little person had packed the contents in so tightly that nothing moved. I shook once. I shook twice Nothin'.
I shook with all my might until finally everything dislodged and I watched in awe as out poured all the corrected papers, broken pencils, crayons, erasers ... of every student...from the past 17 years of my teaching career!
(well, maybe not but it sure did look like it)
I gingerly poked them around a bit with my foot until I found the offenders. And there they were. All oozy, green and moldy...rotting oranges and a bag of milk!
 The Lesson
It's always a good idea to give kiddos at least 15 minutes a week to organize and clean out their storage units. Make it fun and have a "desk fairy" come occasionally and leave a little motivation.

They'll love Deskarina!

 So, whattaya waiting for? Turn on that music and get to decluttering!


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