Monday, February 18, 2013

Grocery Store Wisdom

     I have a confession. It won't come as a huge shock to those that know me.
(excuse me while I take a breath...okay)

     On occasion, like when I get cut off in traffic...or I'm running late...or I've taken on too much...or when I've basically just..over-stuffed my tamales and cooked them too long...
 I've been known to utter...ahem.. somewhat, illustrative aphorisms and creative expletives in not just one but two languages. Sometimes I even mix the languages. 
(I'm bilingual/biliterate that way)

     And too, on more than one occasion I have had to rely on my word diversion skills because somehow through slappa-whacka bicker fests from the back seat Big Girl and Glitterific girl pipe up and ask for clarification on what I thought I had just muttered under my breath.
(and what's with the selective hearing in children? Why can they hear the crackle of a candy wrappers through walls, closed doors, under cover of music, beneath blankets...but they can't hear you tell them to pick up their dirty socks while hovering over them like a giant vulture? The mysteries of parenthood)

     Sometimes I just have to admit that, "Mom shouldn't have said that." and apologize profusely to my family and promise to use other ways to "express" myself.

     I could blame it on the hot latin blood or on my truck driving father. You know that saying: swearing like a sailor? Well, I call it trucker mouth.  But I won't blame it on that either. It's my own choice to slip and say the things I do.

      One day, while out on a rare Momcation, all by the grocery store. I found myself in that section which I can only describe as the bibliophile's guilty pleasure: the magazine/book aisle.  And as I was reading all about How to Look Younger, Lose Weight, and Tone Your Abs just by holding your breath, counting to 100 and drinking a cup of water, this little book caught my attention.

Oh yeah it doesn't say Biting Your Tongue!

     I had been praying for patience in dealing with certain...challenging individuals. I read through the prologue and these words caught my eye.

Words are the vehicle through which we communicate our thoughts; the tongue is the driver.

      I flipped through the first few pages and decided, "Okay, I'll give it a try. It must be a sign." So, I took this little book home and I read it.
     And nothing happened. I was still having difficulty being patient with those difficult individuals and I was still praying for patience but mostly I was having difficulty with not expressing my opinion.  I shared this with a friend and this is what she said to me. "Girl, you've been asking God for the wrong thing. Don't you know if you ask for patience He's gonna throw things in your path that will test your patience? You need to be asking Him for ways to deal with those people! You need to tell Him, Lord if you're gonna throw these people in my path you best give me the words to deal with them!"

     I went home that evening and pulled out this little gem of a book again and dusted it off and guess what I read in the prologue?

Now, I want to caution that this book is not about turning you into a Passive Patsy or a Timid Tom who avoids expressing personal boundaries, desires, or displeasure with a situation.

     I had been denying what God gave me. The power to teach and reach individuals who are doing or saying things contrary to what I believe is the right thing to do.

The Lesson
Ask God for discernment and wisdom to deal with certain situations. Keeping your mouth shut is not always the right thing to do. In this day and age of dealing with and teaching children how to deal with bullies, I think we need to do this all the time. Because bullies grow up to be bigger bullies and sometimes more crafty in their ways.

So, whattaya waiting for? Tell your family that you need to run to the store for some "milk" and take yourself a little Momcation. Go hide in the book aisle and hopefully you'll get a little wiser while doing it. If nothing got a break!


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