Wednesday, February 20, 2013

How's It Rolling?

Just roll with it!

     How are those resolutions coming along? Have you kept those promises to yourself? Have you rewritten or revised any of them?
     And why am I even thinking about those when I should be hyper-focusing on this newfangled thing in education called Common Core????
      Well because, I don't know about you, but if I don't go back and review that list I made at the beginning of the year I lose sight of what's really important. I do become hyper-focused which turns into hyper-stressed.  If I don't review I become consumed and I find myself using really interesting expletives in my car.
(and hand signals too...and did I tell you that my girls have figured out that "DUUUUDE!" is a code word for...ahem...well 'ya know!)
1. I will send a card this week (even if it is late or early. Surprise! It's your Un-Birthday!).
2. I will read a good book (and by good I mean it will make me think...well, maybe not too much).
3. I will not stress about the laundry (orange pants and a lime green shirt do look good together).
4. I will do something creative with all my kiddos (I see glitter in my future).
5. I will laugh (so hard that I snort).
6. I will make up a new word and use it in a sentence (Momcations are the bestest!).
7. I will tell my family how fantabulous and spectaculsome they are!
8. I will howl with the dogs (and yeowl with the kitties).
9. I will dance with children (Boom Chicka BOOOOM!).
10. I will marvel at the wisdom of children (Teacher why don't you just...)

The Lesson
     Someone gave me a great compliment this week. She said, "I'm learning how to just let things roll off my back and take life in stride like you." I had to tell her that it's the kiddos in my life that have taught me how to do that... and I'm still learning.

So...strap on those wheels and rock and roll with it people! Whattaya waiting for???



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