Monday, February 11, 2013

The Business Of Making Memories

   We are all in the business of making memories!

     My phone rang and jolted me out of making a decision about a very life changing dilemma. I jumped and grabbed for my purse. I would have to deal with that problem later. My phone was ringing. I HAD to answer it. Lives and the state of the world may be at stake. I HAD TO ANSWER IT!
(the dilemma? should I or shouldn't I dye my hair? Really, it's a life changing event at times!).
     So, I put down the three boxes of brown hair dye as I rummaged through my storage unit of a purse in hot pursuit of my screaming phone. After pulling out 547 reciepts, napkins, wrappers, a sock, my Swiss Army knife, aspirin, mints, tape, pencils, pens, gum, Thing 1 and Thing 2... I finally retrieved my phone. I had a split second to notice who the caller was. It was one of the Super-Moms at my girls' school.
Super-Mom: A funny, charasmatic, organized, beautiful, smart, kind, giving, ulta-organized, working mom who somehow finds the time and energy to do one more thing for anyone...and can recruit helpers like no one's business!
     Yikes! What could she want? What is she going to ask for? I can't say no to this lady. Oh no what should I do? The call came through on the heels of Christmas Chaos. I was still hearing the ringing of J-I-N-G-L-E Bells and I was still feeling the aftershocks. So I had an internal battle...of sorts. It went kind of like this: This mom is always doing stuff for every kid in your girls' school. She works super duper hard at her job too. She saves lives for a living for heaven's sakes! She helps make things at that school special. You can't be selfish. You're not doing anything important right now. Don't be like that! Answer that phone and find out what she needs!
      My Angel was about to take off her shoe and really let me have it so I inhaled deeply, smiled and answered the phone to offer my help. When I hung up I had plans to meet with her that Friday to help plan the annual extravaganza at the school. Dilemma dealing would have to be postponed. I was grateful for one thing, that I was only having to help. Not run it. I could do that.
     When I walked into the hall that Friday morning. I saw that I had two missed calls from her. She and her Super-Mom assistant walked over to me. They looked overwhelmed but in a very put together take charge of the world way. Super-Moms.
(Me still being on vacation, I looked like something Chihuahuasaurus Rex dug up!)
      They shared what they had already planned and put together. They told me what they wanted me to do.  I asked if they had anymore volunteers. They responded with smiles.
(See I told 'ju. 'Ju bettah do what dees ladies wan'!)

Fast Forward three weeks later...
     As I walked through the back doors of the kitchen, I heard the two crusty cooks bicker at each other like a scene out of Grumpy Old Men . I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply taking in the delicious mouth watering aroma of whatever they were serving for the event. I made sure to remind myself to help in the kitchen later just so I could listen to these two gripe at each other. As I walked out into the main hall to get my instructions for the night, I had to stop and stare in amazement at the wonderful sight surrounding me. The red carpet was rolled out, the papparazzi lights were flashing, the music was playing in the background and the glitter sparkled as each elegantly dressed guest and her date were announced.
(then all the seriousness fell away and they squeeled in true girlie girl fashion... my ears are still ringing)
  I searched the crowd for my girls. There they were already seated with their Daddie. Their excited smiles warmed my heart and I was glad, once again, that I could be part of making a memory for not only them, but for all the people in that room.

The Lesson
     The Memory Makers are everywhere around you and your children. All that "stuff" just doesn't happen by itself. It takes work, time, sacrifice and effort. They are the people that work before, behind and after the big events. I am so grateful for their God given talents. I learn from them everytime I get to work with them.

So whattaya waiting for? Go thank the Magical Memory Makers today. If you're that person...THANK YOU!



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