Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tupperware Ladies

Has this ever happened to you?
     You make the yummiest soup ever and you want to share some with your bestest buddy. You've learned from this buddy that you never return an empty bowl and she makes the best sweet treats ever, so you know you'll score when you share your soup with her.
     You walk over to the cupboard where you keep all of your reusable plastic ware and as you begin to bend over to open the cupboard you hear the voices in your head shout out, "STOOOOOOOP!" But like all the angel warnings you have been ignoring lately, you ignore these voices too. And as you open the cupboard 547 bowls and lids in varying sizes and colors come pouring out. You roll you eyes towards the heavens and sigh.
(Yep, you should have listened to those angels. One day you will learn. But obviously not today)
     You really aren't in any mood to tackle this job today. So, you turn a sly eye to the right and you turn a sneaky eye to the left and there's no one around to witness your tossing of all 547 bowls and lids of varying sizes and colors back into the cupboard or your contribution to the recycle bin
     Then that angel with the latin flair starts talking to you and makes you realize that doing that would be kind of wrong.
("Who gonna pick it up for 'ju? 'Ju think it gonna pick up all by isself? Don' be a lazy!)
     So, you pull all those lids and bowls of varying...well you know. And as you're putting every one of those items on your kitchen table you remember those Tupperware parties your Nana used to have.
     You remember the Pineapple upside down cake your Aunt would make for each one and how when you saw that cherry topped delicacy you would wiggle with delight at the prospect of getting a small morsel of that yumminess! Sometimes you would poke you finger in it and sneak a small, teeny tiny taste. And you know your Aunt never noticed that there was a divot on one side because you were just too crafty for her.  
Yummer! I know my Aunt never noticed the missing cherries!

     But what you remember the most is how those Tupperware Parties were an event. You remember how your Nana would get a new perm. You remember how she would take out her china and fancy coffee pot. You remember how the ladies she invited would be dressed in their dresses, panty-hose and high-heels. You remember how all of them wore lipstick and that you got to wear a dress too and sip sweet coffee with them. Just like the ladies. You remember how you loved sitting and listening to the chittering of gossip and news. And you remember how you knew that what you were experiencing was something very special.

Of course the ladies I knew were a little "spicier" and spoke Spanish!

     And like the nearly extinct Tupperware Party, you long for a simpler time when, life wasn't so disposable. When ladies getting together was a fancy event and you wish that your own girls could experience the "fanci-ness" that only your Nana could pull off .  
 The Lesson
     Life is not disposable. In this day and age of get it  quick, use it up and throw it away stop and remember that.
So, whattaya waiting for? Go out and share some real good yummies with a friend and restart the tradition of never returning an empty bowl! 
P.S. I have a hankerin' for some cookies if anyone has any extra they just neeeeed to share...I will return your Tupperware...filled...I promise!

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