Saturday, February 23, 2013

Warning! You Will Be Grossed Out

The title of this post tells it all and still many of you will continue to read. Because you like to live dangerously. Because you think nothing can phase you. Because you have, teach or have been a kid and think you've heard and seen it all. You're getting a little annoyed and you're about to stop reading.

Well, here goes and don't say I didn't warn you. I will give you time to get your trash can...
 Mrs. Rodgers came by with our friends Ninja and The Organ Wise Guys 
(that's what we named him)
We love Mrs. Rodgers. We know when she's in the building because we hear the same music that used to play for Elvis when he entered a building.
(well maybe not...but we should)

To us she's a Rock Star! She sends yummy nutritious snacks for us to do Kitchen Science with and she makes learning about eating healthy and keeping fit, fun!

So, this time she came to visit she brought a great book to share about something kiddos are experts in.

Germ warfare!

Know how you get kiddos to listen to you and burn information into their little cerebrums to boot? You get a little wiggly puppet named Sir Rebrum to come out of Ninja's body to talk to them!

By the time Sir Rebrum, Mrs. Rodgers and Ninja were done every single Firstie in that class was ready to accept their Centers for Disease Control certified trainer certificate. They were ready to train the entire school.

But you're wondering where the gross part is, aren't you?

Well, as I was listening and thoroughly enjoying watching a master Teacher share her gift, I looked over at my kiddos. I saw their little eyes glistening. I saw their little cherubic faces looking up with admiration at the fabulousness that is Mrs. Rodgers as they professed that they NEVER run out of the restroom two seconds after going in.  And that they NEVER put their fingers in their noses.  And that they NEVER eat things that they've dropped on the floor.  During all this I suddenly flashed back to my Kinder days.

And I remembered Pedro... 

Pedro never got sick. Pedro always came in with a smile. Pedro was also one of those little proximity controlled kiddos I always have sit right at my feet in order for me to get anything taught. He drank a gallon of coffee before coming to school. I'm sure of it! 
(can I tell you a secret? If you're visually distracted by wiggle worm kiddos, put them directly in front of you. You can't see them there) 

It was after lunch. I let Pedro choose a book. He chose one that the whole class would love.  I don't recall the title but I do remember that it was one of those books with a suspenseful plot. It was one of those books that lends itself to dramatic pause near the end. 

During that dramatic pause, when each one of them held their breath. When each one waited for me to continue. As I bent over and whispered and drew in my breath readying them for the surprise...I looked down...and I saw all those little eyes fixed on me... their mouths opened wide...I got ready to...continue...and...and...and I looked down...ready to say boo...and I looked down...and saw...Pedro...


The Lesson
Most kiddos move too quickly for germs. I can pinpoint which adult in a crowded meeting room most likely passed their cold to me though. We are constantly getting after kiddos to wash their hands, cover their mouths when they sneeze, wipe their noses etc. etc.  We practically hose them down with sanitizer when they walk into a room. But do we do that to adults? Do we do it to ourselves? Hmmmm...

So, whattayAAAAAAAHCOOOO!!! waiting for? Go give your favorite little germ factory a king sized hug! 


 p.s. Yes, I screamed and I practically scared the pee out of all those kiddos. Maybe I did. I don't know. I was too busy turning three shades of green and exclaiming, "PEDROOOO!!! GO TO THE RESTROOM AND WASH YOUR TONGUE!!! Oh for heaven's sakes!!!!"

What's your favorite horror story? I really want to hear them!



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