Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Floogers:I'm Still Here and Breathing Too!

You know. If you ever had a smidge of doubt that black holes existed...they don't. In my world there is no vast void of pure silence and nothingness. I have the opposite extreme. I liken it to a 3 ring circus. They are called testing weeks. And they are the time before vacations.
  At this time of year a very interesting phenomena occurs. All life as we know ceases to exist. All teaching for mastery stops. Now, I'm not saying it comes to a screeching halt. No, as a matter of fact it creeps up slowly. It moves like that green oozy substance my kiddos call flubber.
 (You thought I was going to say boogers, huh? No not boogers..flubber...floogers?...hmmm?)
 And like floogers this week lands in a semi-hardened ball. For the most part. Then it spreads. It melts all over the tables. It takes over everything.  And if you leave it unattended it hardens like rock and good luck scraping it off!
(Am I talking about testing or some kind of polymer? Both?...Why yes I am!)

Though we as Teachers try to push through, cut through, find a way to contain it, it oozes everywhere and consumes...EVERYTHING!
Yes that's testing week. It's hard not to get lost in it. You have to keep your head up and you have to keep looking for the light. Sometimes you just have to swim through it the best that you can. It can get messy. It permeates everything for a while. It can be challenging to get all the remnants of it off. And sometimes, well, it leaves a great big 'ol stain!
Yep. That's testing week. We'll get through it. We'll come out pretty unscathed. We're all resilient that way. We can do this. 'Cuz know depend on it!
The Lesson
Yes friends this is a hectic, report card writing, test taking, incentive giving week before vacation and keeping a sense of humor is tough to do right now. But know what? Turning on the music and busting a move is still one of the best ways to motivate everyone. Even though we all may think teaching for mastery is slowing down that's the best time to sneak in those other curriculum areas we unfortunately neglect. Get those paints, costumes, and dancing shoes out  and give those kiddos another avenue to master!

So, whattaya waiting for? Glitter anyone?


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