Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How kids change my attitude: Skippity-do-dah!

On those days when you're just feeling like nothin's going your way...
      When the sun isn't shining and you find yourself flinging the door open to your Teacher-Buddy's classroom, storming the perimeter and not stopping until you have found the candy jar, ransacked her stash of jelly-beans and exclaim, " I have been trapped in a room with people who are shorter than me I think I am losing my mind!"
 (...and you giggle at the open- mouthed, wide-eyed stares of her students as you make your dramatic departure)

      When you are summoned to the door because one of your little darlings bursts in exclaiming to the entire class, "Tea...blech...blech...grempth...Teach...blech...blechgrmp...TEACHER!!! There's a kid throwing up in the restroom all over the wall!"
(...and you see your little darling turning green too)

It's days like this that I see something that epitomizes the word Happy to me...

     As I send one of my darling down the hall to run an errand to another class, I see them skip, skip ,skippity, dippity, skip, skip, skip...all the way down the hall.

And as I turn smiling to go back into my cave... I catch another sweetums doing the same thing but going the opposite direction!

The Lesson 

Kiddos are naturally happy. Their happiness is contagious. If you just watch them and the little things they do that brings them joy your whole attitude will and can change in an instant!

So...hopscotch anyone?!



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