Saturday, March 23, 2013

It all started with a question...

"Hey Jenni's mom, what happened to your yard?"

Oh little people. They say the darnedest things. They are so inquisitive. They are so darn cute how they speak their minds. Aren't they? Can you detect my sarcasm? Well if you can't let me just tell you it's there.

"Well Jenni's mom and Jenni's dad have been busy. Sometimes they don't want to go out and mow the lawn. And know what little person? Jenni's mom likes the look of clover. So there you little booger!"

 That's what I wanted to say to the little neighbor darling after a long week of teaching and it was right on the tip of my tongue too when out of nowhere my little Latin Angel showed up with her Irish cousin and pulled on my ear. (Dang-it!) And that little Irish Angel Riverdanced on my shoulder with her pointy little shoes (they're sparkly too) and I heard her declare in her sweet Irish brogue, "Now don't ye be getting yer Irish up. Tell the wee bugger that yer on the hunt fer the wee folk and that pot o' gold!"

    So that's what I did! I told that wee booger that I was hunting for leprechauns and to be careful not to step in my clover either and as I walked away I saw him turn to his little Dennis the Menace companion with wide-eyed, wide-mouthed intrigue.
     They were hooked and I was going to use it as not only an opportunity to pique their little curious imaginations, but also as an opportunity to teach them about another culture with a sprinkle of physics too!
 So out came the Rube Goldberg Machine
 that my very own Common Core Kid and GWH made the year before...

Some helpers paid a visit...
I see you little green man... 
And then some more curious visitors...
 Glitterific Girl held Physics class in the front yard...
And they waited...
And they waited...

Did they capture a leprechaun? Well, I'll never tell, but what I will tell you is that on this beautiful day of green the most important thing that was captured was the imaginations of little people.
 And they taught me a little something too!

The Lesson

"Questioning is the door of knowledge."
-Irish proverb


Teacher-Mom Go-Ok Go-This Too Shall Pass *Rube Goldberg Machine


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    1. Thank you for that nice comment and the follow! I'm glad you liked it!

  2. Ah, if only I could get my little one to sit still like that. We recently had a 9th birthday party, and it was noisy! Thanks for following, and commenting on, my blog.

    1. Oh my goodness do I ever know about the noise! Small dogs in the Australian outback I am sure could hear those girls! After the last party with 10 little screaming, dancing little girls I swore I would never have another party at my house again!