Thursday, March 7, 2013

Just Take Notes Teacher. We Got This!

It was the week of Suess' birthday.
The activities ensued.
And the Teacher racked her brain.
She nearly came unglued.

The book and theme were chosen.
Really this wasn't any fun.
Why wasn't it The Lorax.
Or that book with 2 and 1.

So she thought some big- big thoughts.
Of what they all would do.
And she figgered and she figgered.
'Til her thinker went kerplew!

Then she figgered and she figgered.
And she figgered even more.
The time grew ever nearer.
She had to cover up that door.

Then it came to her in a flash.
The answer sat in front of her all along.
And she giggled to herself.
And she sang a little song.

She had them all sit down.
As she unloaded that monstrous task.
"I wish I could help you but I can't,
So don't you even ask."

They looked at each other.
They looked at her
Look at them.
Then something remarkable happened.
One handed her the pen.

While she listened intently.
She tried her hardest not to gawk.
As they came up with their plans.
Her job? To write down all their talk.

These little citizens in training.
Made plans all of their own.
They worked and they organized.
They sounded, oh so very grown.

They wanted glitter, paint and lights.
They wanted Suess' name there too.
And a big yellow fish.
On an ocean filled with blue.

She learned something from them that day.
With wisdom beyond their little years.
She learned that if you're patient and you let them.
They will extinguish all your fears!

The Lesson
This isn't my door, nor is it the creation of my kiddos. It is the total creation of the students of one of my RockStar Teacher buddies, who shared that when she let her students take control of a project, not only did they amaze her with their team work and vision, but how they taught her that this whole Common Core thing...well it can be really fun and not so scary after-all!
Happy Teacher's Week!



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