Monday, April 1, 2013

B is for Blog

In life there really aren't too many coincidences...
Was it a coincidence that my sister wanted to go exploring this past holiday and we just happened to see the same thing in nature at the same time?
Was it a coincidence that the next letter in this A-Z Challenge just happened to be B?
Was it a coincidence that I asked my buddy what she thought I should write about that started with the letter B and she said, "Blog and why you do it."
Coincidences? Nope, I don't think so...
So here it is. My 'Blog' and why I do it. 

In life there are so many Camera Moments. Camera Moments to me are those spontaneous, non-rehearsed, not planned, quirky little instances in life when you see something and you say, "I wish I had a camera!" They are what life is all about. Making memories.
Well, I can't paint or draw and camera phones are only a recent invention. I am compelled to string letters, words, and sentences together to describe these little quirky instances in life. It may only be important to a few people but if these little moments touch another person just a little, well I think I have been successful in fulfilling what I feel I need to do... 

So, why do you blog?

Here's his little friend!



  1. Lovely post thank you! And the photo - it looks like an animal? But methinks a peice of wood?
    Ah, you string words together beautifully ...

    1. Why yes, you guessed it righ! His name is Ahroo and his trusty little friend, hmmm? Squirt? Thank you!

  2. Great post, and pictures! I saw both pictures exactly as you do.

    I blog because I have something to say! I also feel it is good exercise for my writing interests. I love meeting interesting people and making friends in blogoland! If I didn't blog, I wouldn't have read your comment and enjoyed your lovely pictures today!

    1. Why thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad you did. It is great fun reading works from differenct viewpoints and genres. It keeps the imagination well oiled, dontcha think?

  3. I love these pictures! They cracks me up - glad you had a camera for these. ;)

    1. Ah,I'm so glad they brought a giggle to you! Now I hope that I can string the right words together when I describe some other instances where I didn't have a camera. Stay tuned!