Wednesday, April 3, 2013

D is for Discovery, Dinosaurs, Dandelions and Dimples!

Are you intrigued as to how these all relate? Well follow along and I will gladly 'splain!

     As you may know by now, I am a Teacher and lately my colleagues around the country and I have been given the task of flexing our brains and learning to embrace the new Common Core Standards. Well, the concept is not so new, really. The way I see it, it's a way of getting children to do what they already love to do naturally;to question, probe, manipulate, and yes,  DISCOVER the world around them! I for one am excited about this "new" change! 
(They get to THINK! What a concept!) 

     I knew he was going to share something with me. His little body percolated and he could hardly contain himself as we walked down the hall. As I bent over to open the door and held it for the class to file in, he stopped in front of me, threw his book in my face and burst out with gleeful enthusiasm, "Here'sthebookteacheraboutthedinosaursteacher. Knowwhichone'smyfavorite???" (blink...blink...blink...)
     After about three milliseconds I figured out what he said. "Oh yes. Thank you so much Nathan. Put it on my chair and I'll read it today." 
     And no he did not let me forget that I needed to read it to the class and yes we will be learning more about dinosaurs and yes Nathan will be my expert in the field!
(He knows everything about them!)

Dandelions and Dimples-
     There are so many things that I love about spring
(aaaaaaaahhhh-chooooo! Excuse me...not that, though)
     I love watching little people sitting on the grass, picking those little yellow flowers and making little crowns.
(Well maybe not when we're in the middle of a game of Train Ball and they're supposed to be chasing a, not so much...aaaah, who am I kidding. They still look serene and cute as can be!)
    I love the dimples on their little faces when they come running up to me proclaiming,"Teacher! Look at the pretty necklace I made for you!" Well, that's worth all the tissue in the world! 
(And yes...I do suffer through the sneeze attacks and put those pretty little creations around my neck...usually!)
The Lesson
How do they relate? This is how. These are things kiddos love. This is what they do naturally. If we watch them, ask them, and let them, they will learn more! Common Core? Not so scary if you have them assist you!

So, whattaya waiting for? Take a deep breath and hold it 'cuz here come the flowers!



  1. You're a wonderful teacher. The children in your care are very lucky. Just the way you talk about them shows your caring.

    1. Why thank you! I do care for them. It's expecially funny when they slip and call me Mom. That always starts a wave a giggles all around!

  2. The spring bulbs started poking through in mid-February here even though winter was far from over. Come March 1, I'm ready for spring even though I love the winter. It seems kids get especially antsy when the first no-coat-needed day comes around. Enjoy your spring and the last weeks before summer vacation!
    Great post!

    1. Oh but know what gets them even antsier (is that a word?) The WIND!!!

  3. Ah the Common Core! Love your blog title!

    Good luck with the a to z challenge!

    1. Thank you! Common Core? Not so scary.

  4. Oh that insatiable urge to puff a dandelion! :)

    1. And make a wish! Thanks for stopping by.

  5. I like your writing style. And not just because you like parenthetical asides, like me.

    So I've been hearing about a push for technology that will measure a kid's attention, receptiveness, mood, even facial expressions, posture and how much they're fidgeting. And I'm thinking, uh, my wife knows all that stuff about each of her kids already - she's what you call a "teacher."

    I can tell you know all of that stuff, too, because I can tell how into your kids you are. Beautiful post.

  6. Parenthetical asides, air quotes, dry it all! Thanks for the encouragement Jerry!