Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I is for Imagications

     So, I peeked out my classroom door this afternoon as my Teacher Buddy was ushering her 4235 third graders back from lunch. I smiled at her. She started to giggle. "What are you up to?" she asked. I looked at her, beckoned her over with my finger and whispered. "Wanna run away? Come on, let's just start walking and see if they can catch us!" We laughed.
(I wasn't serious people...or was I?)

     It's that time of the year friends. There are a gazillion and one things to do. There are...tests to be given, shows to be produced, lessons to be taught, projects to be finished, walk-thru observations to be made, games to be played, practices to rescheduled, food to be made, laundry to be done...YIKES! I forgot and Open House is coming too!
(Time for some clever tidying! My tip of the day: Get over sized pieces of bright fabric, lay them over your tables aaaaand...shove all that "stuff" under them!)

     It's crazy hectic and it's also that time of year when I like to slide next to an equally stressed Teacher Buddy, link my arm in theirs and say stuff like, "Close your eyes. Okay, imagine a beach. Listen to the waves. You're wearing a big floppy hat. I'm wearing a big floppy hat. Now, what kind of beverage do you wanna  order 'cuz here comes the cabana boy...aaaaah....that was a nice imagication, no?"
     And the kiddos are feeling it too. "Teacher, can you take us to the real rain forest?"

The Lesson
Feeling stressed? Eat desserts and...make somebody giggle today. Imagications are the best!



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