Thursday, April 18, 2013

Q is for "Quotes", Quitting and Quiet

     It was one of "those days". 
     One of those days where you find yourself staring at the coffee pot hoping that by some magical force it will pour itself. You hear the "tink...tink..tink-tink" of the warmer plate restarting and it forces you out of your stupor.
     "What were you thinking?" Your little inner voice whines nags. "You know you're a bit of a perfectionist. You know you don't believe in starting something and not following through with it to the end. That's just not your style and you know you suffer from procrastination-itis. Really? Why do you do these things to yourself?"
     "Well because Voice... didn't you read my last post?"
(and why don't these voices communicate? Oh yeah 'cuz their really my Angels speaking and they like to argue)
     So after getting my coffee poured, getting Glitterific Girl and B'Girl off to school, I rambled into the parking lot of my own school, I got out of my car and...the wind started to kick up.

     Anyone who knows anything about kids and wind can tell you that the combination of the two...well let me put it this way. Have you ever watched one of those little dust devils sprout out of nowhere. Have you ever seen how they kick up all the debris and spin it in all directions in a mad-crazy dance? does the same thing to kiddos!
Insert child here!
And here.
Can you hear them screaming???

    It's on days like these, when you haven't had a whole lotta sleep because you've been up into the wee hours of the night creating...following your calling...not quitting because you're a determined person and too, that's the most quiet you get all day. It's on those days when one of those little whirling dervishes;called children, that the wind blew into your classroom, onto the carpet, along with all the other participants/friends in it's magical dust dance, pipes up and says, "Teacher, can I tell you something that happened at recess? Well, we're having issues out there."
     And the little air quotes that he uses send you into hysterical giggles and all your "issues"?  They fall to the way-side!
The Lesson
Don't quit now! For this Momma it's the quiet that's keeping me going.


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  1. I like your choice of words for Q and I love the way you write! Glad to discover your blog through this challenge!